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04.24.15 Them Flavors & 1833 Presents: SABA, LUCKI ECK$, & MARTIN $KY

With the snow melting away (again), its time to get ready for the new season. Check out SABA, LUCKI ECK$, & MARTIN $KY at Bottom Lounge April 24th. To get y’all ready for this spring snow, sit back and sip on Steel Reserve Hard Pineapple. Check out some of their tunes below.


Lucki Eck$


Martin $ky


Still not sure what Father was drinkin’ on stage, but he seemed to be enjoying it. And it was Mr. London‘s birthday, so you know how he was feelin’. It’s a funny thing how energy is transferred from one person to anotherĀ – Bottom Lounge was poppin’ last night. Always good to see an artist like Father own the stage like he did, and I’m never mad when an artist plays their “jam” more than once – I’ve heard 3 renditions of “Colt 45” at one Afroman show, all equally enjoyable – we were treated to “Look At Wrist” twice and once more to close the night as Theo brought Father back on stage. And goddamn was Theophilus London’s band on point. Sometimes you wonder how live instrumentals translate from an album to stage, never more successful thanĀ last night though. #Vibes