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Kanye West “All Day” BRIT Awards (Official)

Nothin’ new here, but the official HD version of Kanye’s debut of “All Day” is now up and online for us to relive.

And honestly, I think we’ll be reliving this performance for years to come. One of Kanye’s career-best hype anthems, plus the energy and surprise of the performance itself will easily endure this video over time. That’s not even mentioning Taylor Swift’s still priceless reaction.

I was talking about this “All Day” performance with someone recently and realized it took me a second viewing to note some details and fully grasp how awesome it was to have all the goons and flame thrower behind ‘Ye. I still get chills at the “get low, stay low” part. Kanye’s next tour will alone be worth the price of admission for this part, and the “All Day” performance as a whole.