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Snoop Dogg ‘Bush’ (Album Stream)

UPDATE: Bush can now be streamed in full here on iTunes Radio.

The two biggest features are below including “I’m Ya Dogg” featuring Kendrick Lamar & Rick Ross and “California Roll” featuring Stevie Wonder (on harmonica) & Pharrell (on the hook). Good vibes like much of the rest of the album already. Press play and cop the album May 12th.



1. “California Roll” feat. Stevie Wonder
2. “This City”
3. “R U a Freak”
4. “Awake”
5. “So Many Pros”
6. “Peaches N Cream” feat. Charlie Wilson
7. “Edibles” feat. T.I.
8. “I Knew That”
9. “Run Away” feat. Gwen Stefani
10. “I’m Ya Dogg” feat. Kendrick Lamar and Rick Ross



Snoop Dogg ‘Bush’ (Album Cover)

Here is the rather interesting album cover for Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album, Bush. Yeah, I’m not sure what else to say about it. No shots, just emphasis on interesting.

Musically, I’m curious for the album — Snoop’s 13th (!) as Skateboard P is set to executive producer and funky collaborator Charlie Wilson is amongst the many features to be revealed. Stay tuned.

ICYMI: Jhene Aiko on Snoop Dogg’s GGN

Snoop Dogg announces new album ‘Bush’, produced by Pharrell

Snoop’s album is better than mine. You’re gonna bug out from the approach and what we did.

– Pharrell

Whoa, strong statement from Pharrell via MTV News when asked about their current work in the studio.

Today, Snoop Dogg revealed in Las Vegas that the new album will be titled Bush, is entirely produced by Pharrell, and will see release in mid-March through Columbia and P’s i am OTHER imprint. The first single will also be titled “Peaches & Cream”.

Aight, so given all the tidbits above, I’m a little more intrigued now at a new Snoop album. It at least sounds like it won’t be more of the same. If Pharrell is right, then Bush should end up being really good.

h/t Rap-Up