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Al Horford game-winner vs. Wizards

Al Horford just put a cap on a wild finish in Atlanta, providing the game-winning tip-in with 1.9 seconds left to put his Hawks up 1 and win the pivotal Game 5 versus the Wizards.

Leading up to the tip-in… first, this John Wall block is on the short list for the subjective Block of the Year.


With 15 seconds left, Al Horford and DeMarre Carroll executed the most beautiful/pressure-packed 2 on 1 in, quite possibly, NBA history.


(At posting time, this Warriors 2-on-1 is just as beautiful, for different reasons.)

Then, the Truth made up for his turnover by being The Truth.



Then finally the buzzer beating tip-in with Al Horford coming out of nowhere to snare that board. (Another great block by Wall, btw.)


The Atlanta atmosphere was superb all night, even during replay reviews when organist Sir Foster played “All Day” for a good 2 minutes. So when they won, it was appropriately crazy. I loved that 2 Chainz dapped up his NBA doppelgänger DeMarre Carroll, but that’s currently not in GIF form. Carroll’s dap from T.I. is though…



But it’s Memphis Grizzlies fan Juicy J with the tweet of the night that tops even that…


Paul Pierce buzzer beater vs. Hawks

Apparently, the banks are open across the entire Eastern Conference.

As we still catch our breath from Derrick Rose’s heroics, it’s Paul Pierce adding to his long list of career heroics today…


On top of that, this shut the door on Atlanta’s miracle comeback — down 21 with 8 minutes to go, which was keyed by their bench and a game-tying 3 from Mike Muscala (who?! Roseville, Minnesota’s pride and joy).

Then Pierce’s unbelievable shot caps off an unbelievable fourth quarter.

Then he dropped a truth bomb for the walk-off interview… and then walked off.


Derrick Rose buzzer beater vs. Cavs

– My celebratory comment to match Rose’s celebration.

/was jumping up and down though for a good minute.


Best use of slow mo, ever? (Yes.)
(Note: Look how the ball arcs over “See History”.)


…Which then got brilliantly set to Kanye.


The Shot 2015
The Shot 2?

Steph Curry’s shot of the Playoffs

I love the NBA Playoffs.

What a scene in New Orleans as well last night as the Warriors sent it to OT after a 20 point 4th quarter comeback on this crazy, otherworldly 3-pointer by… who else, Stephen Curry. If you went to bed early last night, or simply want to relive the shot of the Playoffs (so far) then press play above or check out the other angle vine below.

MORE: Deadspin has every alternate angle and audio (great for those who don’t like Steve Smith’s ooooohhhh on the TNT broadcast)


The Photo of the Playoffs
The Photo of the Playoffs

If you look closely too, his EYES WERE FREAKING CLOSED… or blinking 🙂

Jae Crowder buzzer beater vs. Raptors

With 3 seconds or less left and the ball side out of bounds, there’s no better designer for this situation this season than Celtics coach Brad Stevens. See here and here.

And up above too as Jae Crowder screened, then was screened to free him up juuust enough to hit an incredible shot. It may not matter for the Celtics on the surface: they clinched a 7 seed with the win, which was likely to happen in the season’s last 2 days anyway.

But what the win did for the Celtics has more of an effect on the Raptors, who with the loss are now the #4 seed in the East. If our hometown Bulls win tomorrow at home versus the Hawks, they’ll be the #3 seed and earn a 1st round matchup with Milwaukee.

Related: here’s the playoff schedule if that happens.


I further digress to also include the other eye-popping moment of today in the NBA… but it didn’t happen in a game.

It was at Warriors practice wherein Steph Curry made 77 (seventy-seven!) consecutive 3-pointers. This was part of a ho-hum 94-100 stretch.


ESPN has video of the tail-end and the confirmed story. Wow.