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Steph Curry game-winner vs. Celtics

First off, gotta love the atmosphere at the “Roaracle”. Every time I catch a Warriors game at home, the crowd is always loud and standing, yet it’s usually only the 3rd quarter. Tonight, it was rockin’ with the game tied and 11 seconds left.  Once Steph got the switch, there wasn’t any doubt. Watch the game-winner above.

In other NBA news tonight, the much-talked about (and very cool) nickname jerseys were debuted tonight in the Heat/Nets matchup that the latter won in an exciting 2OT thriller. The coolest of the jerseys was clearly “J. Shuttlesworth” and Ray Allen completed the nod in style by lacing up the “He Got Game XIIIs”. And oh yeah, ICYMI, Ray and Spike are talking about a sequel…



Andre Iguodala game-winning 3 vs. Hawks

Usually it’s Steph Curry launching a game-winning shot for the Warriors, especially if a 3 wins it. That was the plan originally with only 3 ticks left, but after Curry got double teamed he found an open Andre Iguodala who sank his second thrilling buzzer beater this season. The Warriors continue their winning ways with tonight marking their 8th in a row. Smooth, Iggy.