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Calez “Peaceful”

Glad to hear some new Calez as the Chicago rapper returns after a long hiatus with “Peaceful”, which further appealed to me because he released it at the end of the retrograde.

The music itself lives up to the billing as a reflective Calez continues his superb delivery throughout. I’m diggin’ the production and the second verse especially as well as “Peaceful” is a no doubter for my rotation. /ripping it to iTunes as I type.

*Tibs Fav.

Read the dope handwritten note that accompanies the release as well below.

#Peaceful @ 1pm. From Calez to you

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Calez ‘Ceito’

The Super Chicago Tuesday continues with Calez’ releasing his newest, buzzing mixtape in full — Ceito.

The 16 track opus is the latest strong release from another one of my favorite cats in the Chi. The previews kept getting better and better with, namely the title track and the cool “Positive Energy” video. Two tracks in and you’ll immediately get a sense of balance of substantial lyrics with swag and confidence. Calez, and features from the likes of Legit and Johnny St. Cloud, all exude the polish of a rapper prime for the rise (both the tracks with those features illustrate some depth and technical subtleties).

Press play, download, and sit with the project below today. We’ll undoubtedly have more on Ceito to come too, a lot of our content guys have been riding with Calez from the beginning!


Calez “Ceito”

The new title track for Calez‘ upcoming project is one of his best yet…

“Ceito” happened to follow some Kid Cudi Satellite Flight tracks in my rotation late tonight and totally and indadvertedly struck the same vibe. And considering how much I am diggin’ Cudi’s new album, that’s a good thing. Don’t get it twisted though. Outside of a similar mood to the production and the harmonizing to kick off the track, “Ceito” is easily one that helps carve a unique lane for Calez.

The flow and delivery switches effortlessly throughout and that alone is entertaining. In fact, each aspect of the song can individually carry the others, except that each aspect is so good that it makes for a complete record. Calez has some memorable lines and a bravado energy that’s infectious. Subtleties in the production made me appreciate the track even more on second listen as the outro puts down an emphatic exclamation mark. Lookin’ forward to May 13th when I get to hear the Ceito project in full. For now, press play and let the Soundcloud run.

*Tibs Fav. 

ICYMI: Calez “Positive Energy” [Music Video]

Calez “Positive Energy”

I was diggin’ the “Positive Energy” from Calez when the single dropped at the top of the year… Today, we get some appropriate moving visuals from the Chicago rapper on the rise. It’s great to see the energy that we only heard in audio form now come to life as Calez raps along to the camera and spits the choppy, melodic chorus that’ll instantly get stuck in your head (in a good way).

A few subtle highlights:

– Calez somehow found a bright yellow smiley-face water tower to rap in front of — obviously a great fit, given the song title.

– The ongoing live spray painting in the background is a nice touch, specifically the “Positive Energy” type seen in the intro (and I think that’s Gowhere fan, Christian, painting if I’m not mistaken… Ant, help me out?)

– As a big fan of SLAM, I noticed a nice little cameo of their new Kicks: Jordan issue.

– The gorgeous shots of Chicago from the highway remind us where Calez is from and why it’s not so bad to be stuck in rush hour traffic, guys.

*Tibs Fav.

Calez “Positive Energy”

When you think of a song named “Positive Energy”, you may instantly think of a bubble gum style “Happy” esque track, but that’s what this isn’t. One of my favorite up and coming Chicago emcees Calez unleashes a bangin’ production (a self-produced one with R.A. Foster, and one of his best to date) and even a little harmonizing for a track that comes all the way correct. It indeed does have positive energy and is the second release off Calez’ upcoming project, Ceito. Get in tune.

*Tibs Fav.