D’Angelo @ North Coast (GWHH Photos)

Last night, D’Angelo closed down North Coast to rave reviews. “Amazing show,” our photographer Cam Be simply said. Here’s his full review:

I’ve been to a lot of concerts. Most good, some amazing, while a few others have been major disappointments. So when I do stumble upon one of those amazing ones I try not to take it for granted.

D’Angelo and the Vanguard at North Coast Music Festival 2015 was one of those concerts.

Playing the majority material of his latest release ‘The Black Messiah’ D’Angelo was at the top of his game. I felt the spirit of James Brown, Prince, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye, and Jimi Hendrix. For a man who had been relatively quiet the last 15 years, D’Angelo seemed to be enjoying every minute on stage. His set filled with wardrobe changes, funky breakdowns, and virtuoso solos left us all saying thank you.

Moments like this remind of everything I love about attending concerts. More than just an hour of sight and sound. We got to witness a true showman pouring out his soul on stage. These moments we can’t take for granted.

– Cam Be

Above is Cam’s gallery of photos, showcasing D’Angelo & The Vanguard under the epic stage lights with some fresh looks to match.

Please credit @camovement & @gowherehiphop for photo use.

ICYMI: D’Angelo’s first interview in 10 years (!) with Tavis Smiley below.




Premiere: Jon Content “Somebody” f/ Shelby Obleton

We’re proud to premiere some soulful new hip hop and R&B in the form of “Somebody” — an audio/visual experience from Chicago’s Jon Content, featuring singer Shelby Obleton, and directed by one of our longtime favorites behind the lens: Cam Be.

This is a song for anyone who’s ever felt doubted and given the lyrics and visual, you can take it a few different ways. Content has some very relatable lines, delivered calmly by the way, and Obleton’s hook is well sung as well. They both ride to the vibe set by producers Cass, John Wynn, and Content himself.

What really took the song another level was the visual — an engaging mix of Chicago winter scenery with stop motion animation, poignant color correction, and cinematic pans. Every “Camovement” gets better and better and these subtle edits help stand “Somebody” apart from the many up and coming videos we see every week.

Look for this one off Chasing Grace — the Jon Content album coming soon.

*Tibs Fav.

Rapsody “The Man”

One of Rapsody’s most powerful singles gets a new video release this week, on the heels of her being the lone rap feature on the (arguable) frontrunner for Rap Album of the Year, To Pimp A Butterfly.

With Cam Be at the helm, you know you’re in for some crispy shots and that’s certainly the case here as a variety of scenes play out the lyrics that Rapsody recites to the camera. Great cityscape shots throughout too. Open your eyes and ears to Rapsody’s anthem for young men growing up without fathers, “The Man”, up above.