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J. Ivy “I Need To Write”

I feel like this is for anyone who creatively expresses themselves in any format. For J. Ivy, it’s writing, and it’s reciting.

Here is “I Need To Write” as J speaks to us about his passion and using this tool to express himself, his emotions, and remain at peace. Again, I feel like really anyone can relate. The pieces is delivered on a beautiful sunny day and captured through the lens of Cam Be. This new Camovement is spliced with the written words J. Ivy speaks and it’s a cool effect that only further drives the message home. Job well-done by all parties involved — another new excerpt from J. Ivy’s milestone book release this week, Dear Father: Breaking The Cycle of Pain. Go get that if you’re inspired up above!

An added coolness to this: J. Ivy wants to hear from you. Do you need to write too? Submit your letter to DearFatherLetters.com.

ICYMI: J. Ivy “Dream BIG” (Video)

Aja Monet “You Make Holy War”

Somethin’ a lil different, yet with all the freshness you would expect here on Gowhere. It comes from spoken word artist Aja Monet who delivers an increasingly engaging and emotional performance of “You Make Holy War” live from London.

On hand to document the performance was the homie Cam Be as he contrasts documentary style close-ups of Monet and her band with the poem continuous in the background. In fact, said band features bass, piano, percussion, and guitar and they provide a minimal and complimentary sound to the poem.

With the fantastic visuals to match as well, the video above is first and foremost about the words. I was hooked from the imagery 30 seconds in. Later on, I couldn’t help but think of our city after this line:

If I were to die tonight from a bullet, let it be a bullet of love.
If there is a crime there is to commit, let it be a crime, of love.

And lastly, Aja Monet ends the piece brilliantly that has more impact if you press play and tune in all the way through. Watch, listen, enjoy!

“You Make Holy War”
Shot & Directed by Camovement
2nd Camera by Nadyah Aissa

Andrew Kremer on Bass
Jessica Lauren on Piano
Simone Hag on Percussion
Jacques Nazaire on Guitar

Thank you to Lauren Hill and Daphne Kolader.

Rapsody “Drama” (dir. Cam Be)

The latest Jamla release was Rapsody’s new EP, Beauty and the Beast, and to continue to promote that project, she drops the video for “Drama” today, shot by our longtime collaborator Cam Be. Rapsody gets crewed up for the video and spits an abundance of slick nods to famous figures along the way. Her sports allusions in the 2nd verse really got me. The video features all-centered looks at Rapsody, either individually or with her crew. The editing nicely turns up a notch at the end so press play and keep an eye and ear open all the way through.

HaLo “Galore” f/ Masta Killa (prod. Khrysis)

Jamla Records emcee HaLo has a boom bap single and video that’ll be more memorable than your daily rap release. “Galore” features Masta Killa, is produced by Khrysis, and comes to life in a new Camovement music video by Cam Be. In various scenes, HaLo interacts with a female lead according to the story and also rhymes separately to the camera, whether in front of a screen with some fresh animation, or diving underwater. Being so familiar with Cam Be’s work, I have seen him add to his arsenal with these new animations and the underwater cam, which add even more possibilities that HaLo carries out well above. I also appreciate how everything is pretty much centered throughout the video, giving a consistent feel to it amidst all the changing scenes. If there’s one critique I have about the song, it’s that the hook moreso borders repetitive than catchy as I resonate more with the verses and lines like, “my lust conditional strictly visual”. Enjoy above!

*Tibs Fav.

And I suggest you play some catch-up with Cam as his other most recent video is a quick one highlighting his never-ending travels.

Cam Be + Josh Free ‘Be Free’

I see what you did there.

What more of a fitting day than Independence Day to release a project called “Be Free”. And if the connection wasn’t clear right away, it definitely is with the dope cover art that illustrates where Cam Be & Josh Free rep: Chicago, USA.

We’ve been following Cam & Josh for a minute here on GWHH. Both are talented videographers if you haven’t yet noticed, but we’ve also been following their musical endeavors since their involvement in the greater Chicago collective, Untitled. The two have continued their soulful rhymes for this 12-track full-length free download, Be Free, that we’re proud to say is GWHH-Sponsored.

The duo’s first preview was the gripping “U”, which features stellar rhymes from the two over a great, raw production and concludes with one of J. Ivy‘s most stirring spoken word verses (and that’s saying something for him). “U” is the first full track on Be Free, following a dope instrumental that sets the tone as the intro. In fact, there are a few instrumentals… rather, Camstrumentals — short interludes produced by Cam Be that are all on point and splice the project at the right times.


I must stress that I’m vibing with the full 32-minute listen from beginning to end; I would just like to share the 3 tracks that jumped out at me as much as “U”. Perhaps you can skip to one of these if you’re pressed for time before your BBQ or rooftop party today… (before I digress…) “OK” contrasts a range of angst and anxiety with a soulful hook and a feature from Jamla Records’ Add-2 that could be the perfect song to combat stress. “War” features close collaborator Jamaar J and centers on global issues and mixes in views against the systems created to destroy us, and to drive it home, various chilling news clips make for the song’s outro. I know I’ve said this numerous times in Gowhere’s history, but any hip hop song that incorporates a news clip a la the intro to ‘Pac’s Me Against The World (my first experience with this), is an instant *Tibs Fav. Finally, the project’s outro: “You Changed It All” is about growth, features the most complete mix of live instrumentation, my favorite female vocals on the project, and serves as an overall, excellent exclamation point to Be Free.

By now, you know I suggest the stream/download so I’ll end it on one more connection you may or may not have solved yet. Be Free — the clever combination of the duo’s fictitious last names, but it’s really more than that. A mantra we can live by everyday that resonates even more powerfully today: Be Free!