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Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar x Beats By Dre

Here’s your workout motivation video for the day.

The new Beats By Dre commercial debuts after the release of Jay Rock’s new single featuring King Kendrick and singer Chantal. The 1-minute spot ironically doesn’t feature Jay Rock’s part but instead the hook and Kendrick’s verse as the backdrop to intense workout footage of LeBron James, Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Zou ShiMing, and Alexander Ovechkin, who of course are listening to the new Wireless Beats headphones.

Lowkey though, I need those because I can’t listen to music when I do those 25 lb. curls (that’s each hand, bro.)

All jokes aside, I’m glad “Pay For It” is getting a push because it’s a quality¬†collab from Monday that was my favorite of all of this week’s big name releases. Be sure to hear the full thing.

And oh yes, King James returns to Cleveland tonight. With Kendrick Lamar performing pre-game. There may be some media coverage on this. *Kenny Mayne voice*