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Lil B & Chance ‘Free Based Freestyles Mixtape’

Lil B & Chance freestyling and it turns into a mixtape. Listen to the new surprise release below. Fans of either or both should love this collab.


Kanye almost narrated ‘Surf’

This Chance x Kanye collab is happening one way or another… and it almost happened on Surf.

Chance revealed in a new interview with The Guardian that Kanye “was going to narrate it at one point.” He continues, while adding that Kanye got to hear the album “before anyone else” that, “In the final weeks of getting ready to put it out we had vocal chops that we were using from ’Ye talking about some of the themes of the project. Through just thinking about it, it didn’t end up happening that way. Not to say it wouldn’t have been dope as shit!”

Ah… the what ifs? Irregardless, it’ll happen folks, and probably in the form of an actual song that we all want too. If you’re still sleeping, get on the wave of what Surf became..

ALSO: Fresh off the twittersphere, Chance announced the tour dates for the ‘Family Matters’ tour. Surprise guests (and I would bet) a Chicago date TBA.



Kehlani f/ Chance The Rapper “The Way”

After last week’s official remix with Trey Songz, Kehlani brings it back to the original for the video to one of her biggest, if not, the biggest hit of her career to date. Chance appears alongside her in the video as the two look pretty comfortable together through the clean black and white lens. Big ups Austin Vesely directing. The visuals definitely bring the mood of the song to life. Watch above!

Pitchfork Music Festival: Day Three Recap 07.19.15

With a rocky second day, Pitchfork redeems themselves from the crazy weather and ends the show with Chance The Rapper.

Even from the heavy rain the day prior, Chance’s presence was known throughout the entire festival. Whether anyone liked it or not, the rapper was literally was everywhere but nowhere at the same time. From his recent beer collaboration with Goose Island (drank like 3 of them and it was wild with every turn) and his recent album collaboration with Lil B, the Chicago native was very much on everyone’s minds.

Chance strives to make festival history:

image (2)
Photo Credit: @WhoDough


Starting the show with dancers and an array of colorful projections, Chance surprises the crowd with visuals after visuals and throwbacks from Acid Rap to Surf, his latest project. Not one to stand around, Chance utilizes the stage and entertains us with some heavy vocal skills and impresses us with some semi choreographed moves. With help from Donnie Trumpet and Kirk Franklin, Chance takes us on what seems like his last journey with Chicago. From continuously showing homage to not only his family, spiritual leaders, SoX, and even the bucket boys of our city (you know the kids who bang on buckets in Downtown), it was a historic night as the festival lights dim out completely. Whether this show was an official good-bye to his city, Chicago is proud and always ready to open their arms as he dives into bigger and better projects. Best of luck from Gowhere!

ICYMI: Our Day 2 Recap/Photos | Day 1

Move it slowly

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Last night at the crib | #P4kFest

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Chance hints at Kanye collab

After Kanye shouted out Chance in Ottawa (with Chance in attendance and freaking out) just this past weekend, plus the few occasions they’ve been linked in the past 6 months, it should come to no surprise that Chance and ‘Ye have somethin’ in the works.

Chance hints at just that and work with “other Chicago artists” as well on Windy City Live, here on ABC locally. Watch the full segment below and needless to say, stay tuned.