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Chance surprises kids with field trip

I loved field trips as a kid. So I can only imagine going to the Field Museum with my favorite rapper growing up, Kanye West, surprising and leading the way.

That’s what happened for this generation as lucky 6-11 year olds were able to go with Chance The Rapper, sporting a fresh personalized, championship hockey jersey, to the Field Museum today. Hopefully they checked out that Michael Jordan ‘Open Air’ exhibit too.


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Hopefully you scrolled down here to catch some bonus news about Chance’s upcoming first single “Paradise”. Here’s what he said to Semtex in a new interview.

“‘Paradise’ is a touring record,” Chance says. “It’s a song about being grateful, and it’s a song about celebration and it’s a song about the word. It’s always been a song that we only perform live–I’ve been touring for a year now. It’s releasing soon, it’s the first single.”

Chance brings out Kendrick Lamar at free Chicago festival

Yesterday in the Chi, Chance The Rapper did his latest, admirable effort to impact the community by hosting a free concert available to teens only. He encouraged and brought together the youth in a big way and even surprised the crowd with a special appearance by none other than Kendrick Lamar.

Watch some guerilla footage from the crowd of K. Dot joining Chance and Donnie Trumpet on stage. Nicely done, everyone!


Chance, DMC, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm cover songs

Uhh, did you read that headline?

Among the artists covered: Fresh Prince, Biggie, Montell Jordan, Bell Biv Devoe (this was just Chance and all those songs he did are great), also Michael Jackson (SZA), and Zach Galifianakis and Jon Hamm did “We Are The World”. Yeah. Oh, and DMC was there performing some classics. Bonnarroo FTW.


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