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Lil Wayne f/ Charlie Puth “Nothing But Trouble”

On top of his appearance on First Take today, Lil Wayne takes to Apple Music to release his new video for the Charlie Puth assisted single, “Nothing But Trouble”. The song takes aim at IG models and the video cleverly follows suit presenting them as cardboard cutouts. I’m not a fan of the song really, but the visuals at least take it to a higher level. Who else is with me in wanting more of a street single from Weezy tho?


Wiz Khalifa & 50 Cent on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live was a star-studded affair last night… as well as before Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Wiz & 50 didn’t perform together, rather, it was the former as the late night musical guest with Charlie Puth, performing the country’s (still) #1 song “See You Again” (also “We Dem Boyz”). The latter, Fiddy, joined Kimmel for an entertaining interview on Jimmy Kimmel Game Night an hour before the start of The Finals.

These NBA themed half hour shows are always great and the highlight of it was an all-new edition of Mean Tweets, featuring a variety of stars in the league: from Steph Curry & Draymond Green to Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and even our own Jimmy Butler. All these mean tweets in particular were pretty great.

The Entourage Movie fanatics, like I, were also probably interested in Emannuelle Chriqui’s appearance too. Below, she explains why her breasts were rather large for the movie. Ha, as simple as that. It’s a reasonable explanation as you’ll see…

Kanye West Billboard Music Awards Performance

Welp… that was all sorts of confusing and disappointing.

Kanye West just concluded tonight’s Billboard Music Awards and for most of us hip hop heads, we kept it on in the background for 3 hours to see ‘Ye shut it down with flames.

Unfortunately, the censors shut him down amidst Kanye’s now customary flames.

‘Ye began with “All Day” and ABC’s censors overreacted to the lyrics with silence for quite literally more than half of the song. It continued as Kanye went into “Black Skinhead” and to top it off, ‘Ye seemingly purposefully stood with the flames and behind some pyrotechnics to only project a silhouette. It didn’t quite work given the smoke and camera’s distance (in fact, the better effect is from Theophilus London’s IG video below… very cool.) Naturally though, Twitter was ablaze (no pun intended) with a high amount of WTF memes. I’m with the masses here — upset at the censors.

But it does beg a couple questions: 1. With the high volume of ‘n’ words, should Ye really be pushing “All Day” to non hip hop dominated audiences (like a telecast for pop music on ABC or even a Bulls game where the percentage is not as much as a Yeezus concert.) And 2. Why go back to “Black Skinhead”? Yeezus is a month shy of 2 years now.

Stay tuned for the silver lining to come of this performance: the next Kanye stream of consciousness.


A couple tidbits via Theophilus London…


before we started ye prayed "no more tv shows after this" #Amen 🙂

A photo posted by @theophiluslondon on



Elsewhere in the night, the only other performance you have to see is Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” which featured viral violinist Lindsey Stirling to add a fresh touch to the melody. I dug her addition and the Paul Walker tribute video in the back at the very end. Why did Wiz have to turn up like that at the end? I would have preferred a classic pose it out moment.

I grasp for straws for more must-see highlights from the BBMAs. There’s really only J. Lo & Rita Ora left, ha!




Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” new #1

“Uptown Funk” has finally been dethroned.

It took 14 weeks, but Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ infectious hit has slid down the charts in favor of Wiz Khalifa’s Furious 7 contribution and Paul Walker tribute. Not that “Uptown Funk” is a bad choice, I actually like the song like the masses, but that 14 week reign is pretty impressive (and good for the 2nd longest run in Hot 100 chart history.)

I’m just happy that it was overtaken by the touching “See You Again” that I have grown a fan of since seeing it as the fitting background in Paul Walker’s tribute at the end of the film. The music video does the franchise justice as well, so ICYMI, watch the video to the new #1 song in the country below (AND, UPDATE: His performance of the song on Ellen.)


Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” f/ Charlie Puth

Furious 7 hit theatres this week and throughout all the high-octane action of Jason Statham vs. The Rock, Ronda Rousey vs. Michelle Rodriguez, and cars literally flying (twice), we were also watching the late Paul Walker’s last film, and in the franchise that made him so famous.

If you follow the cast outside of the movies at all, you’ll know that family is their big theme. They are the rare and diverse ensemble who genuinely feel like a family and their actions have showed it away from the film and it translated to the franchise’s most sentimental moments on the film (Furious 7 absolutely included.)

On the film as well, a lot of Furious fans were intrigued to see how they would handle Walker’s tragic passing for Brian O’Conner. They had filmed the majority of his scenes prior to his death and ended up using his brothers and CGI magic for certain scenes… like an ending that had everyone feeling the feels this weekend, myself included.

It was such a beautiful ending and send-off that honored Walker and still left our heads high about going forward with him. The song for this ending was Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again”. When the song dropped, I didn’t get swept up into it because of the hook, but I realized this weekend it registers a lot more powerfully when the visuals you imagined for it become real.

The song… specifically Wiz’s family lyrics AND Puth’s hook… was now so moving along with the tribute. I’m a fan today and will always associate it with the ending…. and now the all-new music video above.

Along the same vein, Wiz and Puth rap and sing with beautiful L.A. in the background and various scenes from Furious 7 and the movies before it are intermixed, primarily focused on Walker. The reason this music video didn’t drop til now is because some of the visuals above are in fact straight from the final scene.

So, if you know you’re going to see Furious 7 but haven’t yet, I would hold off so you see the ending in theatres in the appropriate order. If you have seen Furious 7 and likewise felt that ending, then watch up above… and relive the Furious 7 ending again.