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Community x Childish Gambino “Sweatpants”

Don’t be mad cause I’m doin’ me better than you’re doin’ you.

Tonight is a sad night. Why? Because it’s Donald Glover’s last episode on Community. ūüė¶

The talented comedian and actor that you may know as Childish Gambino has found a cult following in his role as Troy Barnes during the past 5 years (and really, the entire cast and show has such a dedicated fanbase that I’m proud to be a part of). We had known Glover was only going to appear in the new season’s first few episodes and tonight’s all-new one is being promoted as the Troy Barnes farewell.

To appropriately commemorate the occasion, this new mix video (that went viral on Reddit, h/t to the homie Brugge once again) blends odd, lovable scenes of Troy and the Community cast with Childish Gambino’s “Sweatpants”. As the video gets going, you’ll see just how many weird moments match up perfectly with some of the weird references and lyrics from Gambino. It’s so enjoyably synched that I’m going to watch it again and run back “Sweatpants” even more with¬†Because The Internet still steady in my rotation.

I’ll be tuned in tonight. Community won’t be the same, but the entire ensemble is great and the writers are so clever that we’ll still be in good hands.¬†Endings are assuredly sad, but there’s always the good that comes with it. Glover is rising as Childish Gambino, and is slated to produce his own show on FX. No doubt the future is bright for Donald! …Cool cool cool.







Childish Gambino “The Worst Guys” f/ Chance The Rapper

Here’s the official singular video release from Gambino’s¬†Because The Internet¬†album as Chance has the slight assist on the hook for one of the universally liked tracks off the album: “The Worst Guys”. The visuals find the two, plus their crew, surfing out in Cali and overall, doing chill Cali things. Be sure to cop the album and follow along on the interactive script becausetheinter.net.

ICYMI: Childish Gambino covers Complex, releases short film, promotes coding

Childish Gambino covers Complex

Complex stays killin’ with some powerful magazine covers and the latest in this category is Childish Gambino for their February/March issue. With¬†Because The Internet out now, this comes at a perfect time.

Read the interactive cover story online here¬†(a fascinating read centering upon Glover and the internet, amongst more)¬†and be sure to watch Gambino’s new self-written and self-directed short film “Chicken & Futility”. It’s a dry humor 3 minute video that centers on Chick-Fil-A of all things.

One of the many poignant quotes from Gambino in the cover story:

I don’t want young black kids to aspire to be rappers or ballers. I want them to be coders. They can make their own worlds then.

WATCH: Childish Gambino “Chicken & Futility” [Short Film] (3:30)