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The time Chrissy Teigen liked my Simpsons GIF

My Saturday afternoon productivity started in an odd and hilarious way today. I was scrolling through our Twitter timeline of 5,000+ people we’re somehow following to see an entertaining tweet from S.I. supermodel, MTV Snack-Off host, and Mrs. John LegendChrissy Teigen.


Maybe I’m just weird like this, but I love GIFs for their ability to perfectly describe the “When x moment happens” and instantly thought of this Simpsons fave after reading Teigen’s tweet.


As you can see, Chrissy enjoyed it too and retweeted it to her 500K+ followers. Soon after, she also followed us. And soon after that, I happily pictured her looking at her phone all confused when I tweet about a random Bulls vs. 76ers game later this year. I also feel more satisfaction about this interesting first impression with a celebrity because I saw this Simpsons GIF on tumblr this week and watched it approximately 17 times straight — that’s why it was fresh in my mind. Laughing hysterically the whole time, I thought: “I have to use this somehow!” and saved it to my desktop. As always, these situations usually present themselves naturally; you just have to keep your eyes open *big eyes emoji*.

The other lesson from this: you can get a retweet and a follow on Twitter by simply sharing a hilarious GIF. Try it! It’s fun.

John Legend “You & I (Nobody In The World)”

What a way to deliver the message of “You & I (Nobody In The World)”. After the explosion of “All of Me”, it’s only right the singles from Love in the Future keep coming and “You & I” is certainly along those sentimental lines. For the video, Legend first features his stunning wife Chrissy Teigen, but only briefly, as subsequent shots then mirror Chrissy’s centered close-up to show that… everyone is beautiful. Don’t forget that! Love that this message was driven home with so many women following Teigen. Watch the emotional new video from Legend above!

*Tibs Fav.

What else happened on Grammy Day?

Let’s face it: there was more cool shit that happened on Grammy Day that didn’t necessarily happen at the Grammys. 1. Whatever Kanye West was up to. 2. The other cool things I saw on Instagram tonight.

Some of it did though. First above: Macklemore, winner of Best Rap Album Grammy, texts Kendrick Lamar that he robbed him of Best Rap Album Grammy, sans emojis unfortunately. Social media tends to agree (about the robbery, not the emojis), amidst many unfair shade tweets against Macklemore.

Anyway, there are lots of Grammy footnotes and other hilarious, random stuff below so let’s get on with it…

@PharrellHat becomes the newest, most hilarious inanimate object Twitter

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 4.13.37 AM
Pharrell’s favorite hat meme
Tweet of the Year consideration...
Tweet of the Year consideration…
The best possible response.
The best possible response.

Kobe Bryant, 50 Cent, and Meryl Streep are friends.


#50 #merylstreep #respect #legends That’s All..

The Lakers visited MSG this afternoon and this photo happened.

Jay Z & TyTy group hugged Kendrick backstage


(Kendrick Lamar went on to perform a fan’s appreciation concert at House of Blues in L.A. for his post-Grammy festivities. According to the Twitterverse, he’s brought fans on stage with him and even battle rapped one (this one part is probably not fan appreciation though.) 

Pat Truby made another awesome NBA GIF

rondo-illustratedICYMI: Paul George’s Reverse 360 Windmill animated

The Rangers beat the Devils… at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium in ice.
Yankee Stadium in ice.

Stanislas Wawrinka won the Australian Open, upsetting Rafa Nadal

(His speech was pretty good too.)

Hard not to appreciate the emotion of KG & Paul Pierce’s return to Boston


“In the 1998 NBA Draft the Boston @celtics select Paul Pierce”

Miguel & Nazanin Boniadi and John Legend & Chrissy Teigen are #1, #2 hottest couple in some order.


Shakira can still do this.

(From her new Target commercial that premiered tonight.)



The 2014 Grammy Performances (featuring Beyonce & Jay Z, Daft Punk with Stevie Wonder, Queen Latifah marrying 33 couples in “Same Love”, you know, and more…)

The 2014 Grammy Winners (not featuring Kendrick Lamar :-/)

Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” featuring Kendrick Lamar and Kendrick Lamar’s newly invented level of spaz out.

Drake’s new shoes + new features.