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Chuck Inglish “Legs” f/ Chromeo

Chuck Inglish’s turn to drop some new solo sh*t after the two new Cool Kids tracks at the top of the week. I’m referring to Sir Michael Rocks’ “Memo” video and now, Chuck Inglish’s new track is an interesting one with Chromeo. The beat has a different groove for much of it and is the highlight for me. Give this a look in your rotation today — a preview of Chuck’s debut solo album, Convertibles, slated for April 8th.


The Cool Kids “Computer School” x “Chop”

Now it’s real.

The Cool Kids comeback with some new music — first, a fresh, thumpin’ track called “Computer School” that’ll easily take listeners back to a few years ago when Chuck & Mikey were makin’ music together on the reg. Production-wise, the turn it takes around the 2:15 mark til the end is amazing. I’m noddin’ my head, I don’t know about you.

No official word on if the two kids in the cover are a young Chuck Inglish & Sir Michael Rocks, but we’ll update when we have confirmation.


*Tibs Fav.



The 2 for 1 includes “Chop” featuring The HBK Gang, which may prove to be the one track I like the most of the two. The beat is a little more uptempo than above and Mikey has my favorite verse of the new music in this one. Another *Tibs Fav.