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NBA Rookie Rap Karaoke

Well, this was excellent.

The people at STASHED was at last week’s NBA Rookie Photoshoot and interviewed all of the rookies to see what’s on their iPod right now… and then spit some bars from it for the camera.

The results, as you may be pleasantly surprised, are quite humorous and entertaining.

You have Boston’s Marcus Smart spittin’ some YG and realizing he can’t really say much of anything. Phoenix’s Tyler Ennis does the same with Drake‘s “0 to 100” bleeping himself out when necessary. The hometown kid Jabari Parker puts down some Jay Z. New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early goes the longest with some Lil Wayne. Hornets teammates P.J. Hairston & Noah Vonleh are fast friends, as you’ll see. And finally, Nik Stauskas sings some Justin Bieber. Ha! If only Joel Embiid could spit some lines in his lovable accent. Enjoy.

h/t Grantland