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Fort Minor “Welcome” on Conan

Last night, Mike Shinoda followed up the return release for his solo rap venture, Fort Minor, by performing the single for the first time live — on the Conan stage too. I’m a fan of this single/visual “Welcome” from yesterday if you missed it, and just in general, it’s great to hear new music from Mike whether it’s Fort Minor or Linkin Park. Here’s the performance below.


ICYMI: “Welcome” (360 Video)

Blake Griffin on Conan

Last night, Blake Griffin became the 2nd NBA All-Star on Conan in the past week (following Damian Lillard) and he visualized what he discussed in a revealing article on Derek Jeter’s new Player’s Tribune site about going to an All-White Party (attire-wise) with then Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Also, he and Conan try to remedy his “dunk face”. Ha! Both videos an easy, entertaining look.

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Kiesza “What is Love?” on Conan

Kiesza puts down a slow, fresh twist on the greatest song in history. #JustKiddingButSeriously

I feel like mid-20 somethings like myself are all in unified joy when “What Is Love?” by Haddaway, popularized in A Night At The Roxbury, comes on.

C’mon, how do you not bob your head to the left when this comes on? Go-to road trip song since high school. Alas, to my pleasant surprise, emphasis on surprise, Kiesza covered “What Is Love?” and gave the song a completely new feel. The lyrics, when sung slowly and accompanied by a graceful piano and chilling string section (perfectly about halfway through), actually take on a more serious, heartfelt meaning. Wow. I was stunned. Bonus points for Keisza looking striking in that black and white dress contrasted with the ruby red piano (and ruby red lipstick, in fact.) Needless to say, press play above as Kiesza closed out a sweet lineup last night on Conan with Neil Patrick Harris and Damian Lillard.

Sound of a Woman, Kiesza’s debut album, is available now (and does in fact feature “What Is Love”).

ICYMI: Kiesza f/ Mick Jenkins “Losin My Mind”

Damian Lillard on Conan

Last night, Damian Lillard was part of an awesome lineup on Conan (also featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Kiesza, scroll below…) to promote his cover on NBA Live 15. That was a mere footnote in the interview though as Lillard first talked about his clutch series ender vs. the Rockets and why he didn’t celebrate right after (above) and then got a few minutes in about his popular 4-Bar Friday Instagram rap competition. He put his money where his mouth is and, a rapper since age 14 himself, Lillard put down a nice 4 bars (after rejecting Conan’s beat, ha!) The ending was tight. And hey it’s Friday so pop on over to the @4BarFriday IG account and see what’s going on. 4.

Oh, and Lillard may or may not have Shmoney Danced his way over to the interview desk.