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Curry Two: Father To Son

Steph Curry is closing up his 5-city tour of Asia with Under Armour — revealing a couple new colorways of the Curry Two, in addition to the “Iron Sharpens Iron” colorway from last week. The latter is out in China and will be available in the U.S. on October 24th… along with, apparently, the Father To Son colorway as well!

Like the Curry Ones that dropped on Father’s Day, this one is inspired by father Dell Curry and his stint with the Charlotte Hornets. Since the purple and teal of the Hornets mesh so well together, this colorway is pretty cold as you can see in the gallery above.

More photos and some fun highlight clips from the #UARoadShow below. (A fun follow on Snapchat too, FWIW: @TeamUA)

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(better version)

aaaand the Nae Nae…



Steph Curry reveals Curry Two

Steph & UA took to social media to officially reveal the Curry Two — the MVP’s second signature shoe for the upcoming season. This red/yellow/gray colorway is pretty hot and fitting for the exclusive China release on September 6th as Curry himself will embark on his shoe tour overseas later this week.

Below Steph’s ‘gram is another one with the leaked images of the other colorways. Off the bat, the red ones in the top left and the aforeseen USA colorway are my two faves. But we need to see the other ones, especially the GSW colors, in high res first.

Curry Two “USA” (First Look)

At yesterday’s USA mini-camp practice, Steph Curry turned heads of sneakerheads by debuting his second signature shoe with UnderArmour — the Curry Two.

Replacing the bubbles of the anafoam are what looks like ventilation holes. In general, the shape and silhouette of the shoe doesn’t change too differently… and I’m cool with that. It looks nice already. I’m eager to see more official photos and learn what technology additions they’re implementing for the second sig, sure to come by the start of the NBA season.

UPDATE: The NBA just posted the Curry Two’s from practice today and you should notice the term “Speedfoam” at the base of the laces. Looking forward to finding what that’s all about…

Check out @stephencurry30's #USABkicks! #USABMNT

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This, today, on the release of the new Curry One black/gold colorway — perhaps the best one yet.

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