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Aaron Johnson f/ The Boy Illinois “I Bet”

Here’s a Chicago collab you should lend your eyes and ears to. Up and comer Aaron Johnson links with The Boy Illinois for a motivational record to puff your chest out to while ridin’ in the car. It’s supplemented by a slow, trap beat by Dru B. that really connects with an addicting core melody. And for the video, they all linked with D-Gainz to give everyone the proper face-time for a song that stands out due to all the one-liners.

Aaron Johnson especially goes crazy with the similes that overall, I enjoyed. Perhaps the ‘less is more’ theory would make some of the punchlines pop a little more, but especially as an NBA fan I appreciated most all of ’em. He name drops Leon Powe after all. (The Luol Deng one was probably my favorite and choice for his most clever.) Illi does his thing as well on the 3rd guest verse and slows down the flow even more. This alone is worth a listen as Illi rides a successful 2014 into the new year. All artists involved come correct so when you need a break from today’s Kendrick song, queue this one up right after.

*Tibs Fav.