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Thunder vs. Mavs ‘FreeD’ Video

An unusual choice for the daily NBA post as, instead of highlighting a cool dunk or buzzer beater, we have above something I’ve heard about and seen articles on, but for the first time am seeing tonite — ‘FreeD’ Video.

The Mavs have implemented this new video capturing technology in their arenas and have been offering these dynamic looks at some of the game’s key plays to their fans on the jumbotron in the stadium.

The NBA posted a couple of these key plays to YouTube tonight and the results are breathtaking. Look above to see a no doubter block from Monta Ellis on Russell Westbrook in John Wall-esque 360 degree style, ha!

Seriously though, I love how the background is blurred out too to emphasize the players themselves. The Mavs won the game 112-107. And this top comment elicited laughter.


Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 11.44.37 PM


Here’s tonite’s Terrence Ross dunk.