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Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins, & Jimmy Kimmel for Foot Locker x adidas

Just the names involved got me to click. Lillard and Wiggins are one thing — both Rookies of the Year and adidas athletes. But with Jimmy Kimmel? I had to see this.

And it delivered. Comedy gold. I hope the Bobby Butter story continues. (And lowkey the cutaway scene is pretty great too. These bball stars have some natural comedic timing.)

That’s not why Jimmy Kimmel is trending around the world today. Watch his emotional and poignant take on the unjust murder of Cecil the Lion below. *applauds* 


Damian Lillard “Commas (Remix)”

Remember Dame Lillard’s surprisingly impressive freestyle on Sway earlier this year. Not that it was surprising because of Lillard, but because it was an NBA baller in general who could rip it like that.

Well, Lillard’s back as Dame DOLLA (Different on Levels the Lord Allows) with superb word choice and motivational rhymes over Future’s “Commas”. I enjoyed this one throughout ad Dame even name dropped contemporaries (on the court) Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook seamlessly.

TMZ is reporting that Lillard is planning to drop a full-length album. I’ll tune in for that now.

It’s definitely in the works. Rap is another passion of mine. I spend 80 percent of time thinking about and working on basketball things. A percentage of what’s left goes into me expressing my story through music.

Perhaps Lillard can also teach the rap game to his new locker room mate, Mason Plumlee. The former center in Brooklyn appeared, and rapped, in this obnoxious money-chasing song/video “4500”. The GIF humorously says it all.



Damian Lillard “Sway Freestyle”

Dame Lillard, the best rapper in the NBA. Bar none.

Pun all intended as Damian puts down a ton of ’em in an impressive set of rhymes over “Dead Presidents” with Sway during this All-Star Weekend. No curses, no ‘n’ words and when he ups the flow at the end, whooo. The freestyle is a written, but that never bothers me if it’s quality. This it is. I knew Lillard was legit from casually following his 4 Bar Friday series, but this took it to another level. Watch Dame perform his day job tonite at the All-Star Game in MSG and no complaints if he wants to pick up another one down the line.

Damian Lillard dunks over Rudy Gobert

Had to throw some semi-belated shine to a highlight from late last night as Damian Lillard provided yet another 4th-quarter poster. This one still had 7 minutes left, but it was a close game the Blazers ended up eeking out by 1, making this poster of the “Stifle Tower”, Rudy Gobert all the more necessary as much as awesome. This 4th quarter smash + stink face from Lillard is really becoming a thing. Expect more of it on the heels of Lillard’s all-star snub too.