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Dan Kanvis “Dont Leave Me” [Music Video]

Dan Kanvis walks down memory lane in his latest visual “Don’t Leave Me” as he reflects on his past, holds on to memories, and acknowledges the future he wants to create in moving away from home. The video is nostalgic as he illustrates the struggles of holding on to his past and his family while creating friends and pursuing careers and goals Kanvis has set out for himself. This release is the latest visual off Kanvis’ “Windows” project.


Dan Kanvis “Stranger” [Music Video]

DK Stranger 2

When I first heard “Stranger” performed live a month back I immediately gravitated to the track due to its erie production and captivating chorus. That was then, this is now and nothing has changed but the fact that the track has now officially been released as Dan Kanvis drops his second official offering to his forthcoming project Windows. Don’t be stranger, give this a few listens. You’ll definitely appreciate it as much as I did!