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Eminem’s cameo in The Interview

You may have missed it, but it turns out The Interview is now released on Christmas after all. Sony decided to release it on YouTube for rent or purchase and a lot of people have made it their family movie to see what all the fuss is about as the spark of the e-mail hack by, supposedly, North Korea.

The hip hop crossover was Eminem’s 30 second cameo at the beginning of the film and it’s vintage dry humor from Slim Shady. Watch and enjoy above.

Kevin Hart & Dave Franco “Madden 15 Rap Video”

Welp, that was the most random Madden commercial I’ve ever seen.

Kevin Hart & Dave Franco are definitely funny in their own right and together, they end up battling in a game of Madden, spurred on by Kevin Hart. It’s an elaborate 3 and a half minute video that features a lot of song and dance, and rap. Perhaps a touch extravagant yet falling flat at times, the video also had its moments, specifically the ending. And four dudes making fun of a stereotypical rap video, ha! Enjoy!

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