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Nick Astro “Circle Of Life”

Nick Astro and Dee Lilly have crafted one of the most well put together songs I’ve heard in a minute. The flow, lyrics, and production are all A1 on this one. Well worth a few plays.


Nick Astro “Ribbon In The Sky” f/ Anthony White

Good to hear some new tunes from Nick Astro who kicks off the previews for the upcoming Listen To New Music with this new collab with singer Anthony White. I especially liked his first verse and the end of the second verse as he pursues a lady friend. The smooth chorus from Anthony White does the same over the bouncy, appealing production by Dee Lilly. Give this one a shot for your rotation below.

*Tibs Fav.

People To Look For In 2014

As we all already know 2013 is coming to an end, and with that for music fans comes all these list of the best artist, songs, videos, etc, etc. I’ve learned to really appreciate those lists because they give me a good recap of the year since so much of my life revolves around music. But after reading so many of those list I’ve become even more excited for what’s come in 2014, specifically for my home town of Chicago.

This past year for Chicago music will definitely go down as one of our most successful years. Although we’ve seen some of our artist fall slightly we’ve seen other climb to heights never before seen. That being said who’s positioning themselves right now to follow up 2013 with yet another year of Chicago music flooding the hip-hop community.

I have here a list of artist that I think are all going to have a very strong year in 2014. Some will obviously go further than others but mark my words they will make sure to carry the baton being passed to them.

The Boy Illinois “Strangers” f/ Drey Skonie

Coming off the release of one of the dopest projects in 2013 with Jean Baptiste, Illi closed the year out going on his first nationwide tour with Chicago legend Lupe Fiasco. 2014 is looking to be a lot of the same for Illi. You heard it hear first, Illi is next.

Murph Watkins “Beautiful” f/ Loona Dae


Murph Watkins is name that not only we people recognize for his good music but also as just one of the best rappers in the city. Murph finished the year off with maybe three of the top songs of the year. Look for his follow up to Loose Women N Booze in 2014.

Lil Bibby “Change”

For much of 2013 the city of Chicago and eventually most of the hip-hop scene waited for Bibby to drop his debut mixtape Free Crack. Well it was much worth the wait. With another year under his belt I expect Bibby to continue to build on the foundation that he has made for himself.

Julian Malone “Snow”

People everywhere have been waiting for Ju Malone to drop his project #DIFFRNT, and guess what we’re going to continue to wait. The songs that you did hear from Ju over the year made you feel better about not getting the full project, but when it does drop I expect it to make a lot of noise around the city and everywhere else for that matter.

Chin Chilla Meek “Road To Riches”

Meek is my sleeper pick for 2014. A good amount of the city is already aware of her but the rest of the city is going to find out about her as well in 2014. What I like about Meek is that she’s gotten this far off of her talent and not selling sex like a lot of female rappers. With her new mixtape Beauty And The Beast 2 coming soon I think it’ll put her at the top of the Chicago mountain and thus on the radar of the entire hip-hop community.

Like I said this is just a short list of some people to look out for in 2014. As we all know there is always that one person that comes the hell out of nowhere and blinds sides us all, but these people I have here I think are sure things. So going into 2014 make sure to keep an eye out for them and continue to support Chicago music in general, we’re the present and future.

 – Gowhere You Love – 

Honorable Mentions:

Taylor Bennett, theWHOevers, Lucki Eck$, Calez, St. Millie, Lil Herb, THEMpeople (producers), Dee Lilly (Producer)

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