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Heydar Aliyev Center: Design of the Year

The “Designs of the Year” awards were announced yesterday — as simplistic and fitting a title for an award — by London’s Design Museum and earning the Design of the Year is Zaha Hadid‘s Heydar Aliyev Center. She makes history as the first woman architect award winner in 7 years and the Center is the center is the first architecture project to be awarded.

The beautiful, signature curvilinear forms of Hadid are magnified even more throughout the outside and inside of the Baku, Azerbaijan landmark. Not mad at all at the Design Museum’s decision; the Heydar is simply breathtaking. Look out for another feature on Zaha Hadid later this week in the Design section!

Via ArchDaily, the other nominated architecture projects are: NLE Architects’ Makoko Floating SchoolThe Turbulences FRAC Centre by Jakob + Macfarlane Architects, and the interior remodeling of the St. Moritz Church by John Pawson.