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“Guilt Trip” originally intended for WTT

I always love origin stories when it comes to hip hop records. Here’s the latest in an interesting one, inspiring a thought-provoking what if?.

Producer of “Guilt Trip” (and a host of many other superb tracks), Symbolyc One sat down with the good folks of DJ Booth and described the process of what turned out to be one of my favorite tracks off Yeezus. I’ll let him tell the full story below in the quick-hit interview, but he does mention that Jay Z started recording for this song during the Watch The Throne sessions. Pretty interesting to think about if one project added a version of “Guilt Trip” with the other not making Yeezus. But I’m glad it worked out the way it did because “Guilt Trip” definitely fits the Yeezus sound rather than WTT. What do you think?


Mick Jenkins “DJ Booth RapBox Freestyle #1” [Video]

Mick Jenkins goes in on the first “DJ Booth RapBox Freestyle #1” and shows off his lyrical prowess over some dope beatbox beats. More on the series below.

How a rapper performs with just a beat box backing him is the true test of an emcee’s skills, and it’s a test we’ll be giving all-comers in our new video series, RapBox First up, Top Prospects alum and one of Chicago’s finest young emcees, Mick Jenkins, who takes a stroll through Coney Island with beatboxer Shockwave and along the way manages to drop some ill bars and illicit more than a few stares from people passing by. Shout out to those shirtless dudes in the background taking a selfie.