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The Game ‘The Documentary 2’ (Artwork + Release Date)

The Documentary 2 is finally, and officially, dropping. 10 years later, Game boasts this sequel album will be even better than the original. That’s a high bar to top but perhaps Game can ride the wave of his Compton breathren as he indicates below in his message annoucing the news to his fans. Genuinely looking forward to what he has in store on September 25th.


Game ‘Documentary 2’ producers

Speaking with The Cruz Show yesterday, The Game revealed some details and progress on his anticipated Documentary 2 sequel album. It’s about 90% done and he’s waiting on Dre to come back from vacation for the finishing touches. Plus, Kanye, Timbaland, Swizz, Just Blaze, and Scott Storch will all return for the sequel album.

In fact, Game spent an entire week with ‘Ye in the studio, saying, “You get a good solid week out of ‘Ye if you have history.”

Watch the interview and a new freestyle over “Nas Is Like” and more.

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The Game ‘Documentary 2’ release date

Big news for Game fans and fans of his debut album, The Documentary.

Hood morning (no typo): Spent the last 48 hours in the studio putting the final touches on #YearOfTheWolf & even though the date is pushed until Oct 14th I can promise my fans this #BloodMoney album will be better than anything else dropping this year ! Thanks for everyone who was apart of it & shout to my hittas @OfficialYonni & @MoussaGArt for grinding with to make the last minute changes to put this album in the can….. #YearOfTheWolf is finally done !!!!! Now on to “The Documentary 2” dropping January 18th…. Exactly 10 years from “The Documentary”….. Nobody is fucking with 2 !!!!!!!!! So don’t drop nowhere near me….. You’ve been warned ! For the people out there like me…. I salute all who are relentless at defying the odds to ensure their own success. Those who dream while still awake…. It is us that hold the keys to the future, keep grinding.. #BloodMoney.

I bolded out what’s important. I love the full-circle 10 years to the day moment he’s setting up for Documentary 2. Now it just better not get pushed back. But given that it’s not yet September, I think Game and the label will have plenty of time to get things ready for then.

Not only that, but Game had this quote about the production, which will feature… you guessed it… the man in the photo above.

I’m going back to the Just Blazes, Scott Storches, the Dr. Dres. We gon’ get it handled.

Stream portions of the interview on the L.A. airwaves today. A “Hood Morning” today, indeed.

Make your ‘Documentary 2’ predictions here.


Game ‘Documentary 2’ 2015

I think I’m not alone in hip hop fans who think The Documentary was Game’s best album. He exploded onto the scene in January of 2005 with the debut album and now, it looks like he’s going to serve us the sequel 10 years later.

In a new interview with Justin Credible, Game announces Documentary 2 as the follow up album to this September’s Blood Money La Familia. He goes on to say he’ll be working with Just Blaze, Scott Storch, and of course, Dr. Dre on the production.


Below, catch a quick IG trailer of the video to Game’s new single released yesterday “Better Than Me”.