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Dodger Stadium setup for NHL game unveiled

The NHL has unveiled what Dodger Stadium will look like on January 25th, when it presents a new outdoor Stadium Series matchup between the Anaheim Ducks and L.A. Kings.

A couple things that may jump out, you know besides that still surreal sight of seeing an NHL rink  across the infield:

1. A roller skating rink near where home plate would be.

2. A beach volleyball court. (Wait, what?!)

Some official words (because we need some at this point):

A rendering provided to The Times shows many wondrous sights that will be constructed on the field — an avenue of palm trees separating a beach volleyball court in left field from a performance stage in right field, an inline skating rink near home plate, and the rink stretching across the infield — but having Gretzky in the house might be the most splendid vision of all. [Ed note: Wayne Gretzky will be honored at the game.]

From a reader in a California beer league, an email he received in connection with the Dodger Stadium game, from the NHL’s casting manager:

“We are looking for 40- 60 people to fill the following roles: Walkers/ Joggers; In-line Skaters; Skateboarders; Bikers (riding regular bikes – no tricks). They will bring their own bike to game day.”

“We are trying to create a Venice Beach atmosphere. Age minimum is 18 years old. There is no age maximum.”

“This is a volunteer position. You will be on the field during pre-game ceremonies, and both intermissions. During intermissions Kiss and Five For Fighting will be playing on the field. During the game you will be watching the game in a holding area where a meal and drinks will be served. You will not receive tickets to the game.”

At the end of the day, isn’t this pretty cool? There’s always extra space when the NHL does the outdoor spectacle in a baseball stadium. And while minimalism is cool, for a case like this, let’s fill the space and give fans the opportunity to be active, on the field/rink/volleyball court, and close to the action. Take a close look at the rendering above and an official look at the current construction of it today below.

h/t Yahoo’s Puck Daddy

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