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Dom Lumero “Moon (Headlights)”

“Moon” marks Dom Lumero‘s third official release. I’d hope that by now you’ve streamed at least one of his drops. If not, you need to wake your ass up. Dom is unbelievably underrated. He’s extremely talented lyrically and is flying under the radar of these other blogs. Yes it’s only his third release, but in my opinion the kid is so good you should of been in tune since the first one. That means nows the time to get on it.

The cover art for moon was a combination of ideas between Dom and yours truly. When designing this cover I combined the feel of the song with an image that relates to the theme of the song. The background image of the cover you’ll notice is a building which resembles the Adler Planetarium in downtown, Chicago. I chose to go with the AP building for a background image not only because it fits the “Moon” theme, but also because Dom is connected to the city. The moon in the upper right hand corner was just one of many images I collected and combined with another.


Dom Lumero f/ Howie Stackz & Paris Clark “Rubberband”

Dom Lumero delivers a great follow up record to his debut release. For his second go, the Chicagoland MC gets assist from Howie Stackz (of ILLcentral) and Paris Clark, all of who drop hard bars over some killer production from C-Sick. Check yourself if you aren’t in tune with Dom yet. It’s only been two release but shit, I didn’t even need one to know homie is the truth. #Potential

Dom Lumero “Sundown”

Blessed yet again with the opportunity of introducing the blogosphere to a really talented young player in the Chicago music game. He goes under the alias, Dom Lumero, and is member of the ILLCentral family. At first listen you’ll quickly realize that Dom is the real deal. His flow is right near flawless and his delivery I’d like to say is quite disgusting. My ear tells me that this kid can thrive in the rap game, but it’s going to take the collective efforts of you, he, and I to ensure that happens. A talent as good as Dom here can’t go unheard and undiscovered. You’ll see what I mean after you give “Sundown” the listen below. Production by Jack Crosby.