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Quavo’s new solo album features Drake, Kid Cudi (oh and also Madonna)

It’s always interesting when the most popular rapper from a group goes solo for their first album. Quavo does just that with his new Quavo Huncho album you’re probably already spinning this weekend. I skipped ahead to the Drake feature (solid) and the Kid Cudi conclusion. As the bigger fan of Cudi amongst all the artists mentioned, I enjoyed his lyrics the most but the heavy autotune reminded me of Travis Scott (when usually when I listen to Travis, it’s the other way around.)

And oh yeah, that Madonna and Cardi B feature. Well, the “Champagne Rose” sample on the hook is kinda cool. Probs not for me but that song will appeal to the masses.


Majid Jordan f/ Drake “My Love”

Majid Jordan release the new visuals for their Drake assisted single that dropped back in July. “My Love” has been heavy in my R&B rotation since then and I’m sure with the cool, colorful video above (featuring plenty of ladies too) there will be more people doing the same. I was waiting for a next-level concept with the video but it didn’t totally arrive, though I did like the revelatory zoom-out at the end. Definitely worth your eyes and ears all the way through so press play above as I continue to anticipate the OVO duo’s debut album.

*Tibs Fav.

Drake performs new verse at J. Cole’s Forest Hills Tour

Last night, Drake AND Jay Z were surprise guests for the last stop of J. Cole’s Forest Hills Tour. One video that’s sweeping the web today is a high quality capture of Drake’s cameo that featured “Know Yourself”, a small new set of bars spit a capella, and “Back 2 Back”. Diggin’ the energy and some of the creative, and personal lines telling more about what Drizzy is going through. I can’t relate, but dang, can only imagine, haha: “Paternity tests are from women I never slept with. I’m legally obligated if they request it.”

I mentioned Jay Z… just photos but here’s him on stage with both Cole and Big Sean.



And ICYMI: Here’s Drizzy performing at the 1st annual Lil Weezyana Fest in N’awlins on Friday night. The one where TIDAL had to blackout Drake’s performance because Apple Music would have sued.

Funny examples of Drake fandom

I saw a couple of great and humorous forms of Drake fandom in the past couple days that I just had to share.

For starters, a church in Toronto is inspired by Drake to use him to promote the gospel. All of the prayer hands emojis…

Remember: a pastor referenced the Drake x Meek Mill beef recently to explain a biblical story. Hey, I’m all for this.

The other example?

I wish I was this cool in high school. Via Reddit by way of Waco, TX: “At my old high school they let the seniors paint their parking spot. This one is my favorite.”


Here’s a strong runner-up: