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Seattle Pro Am vs. Drew League (Highlights)

Friday night, stars of the most successful summer leagues in the country: the Seattle Pro Am and the Drew League in L.A. competed in the first of two annual exhibitions for West Coast Bball supremacy.

Reppin’ for the 206 was Seattle’s biggest ambassador Jamal Crawford, the most exciting under 6′ PGs in the league Isaiah Thomas and Nate Robinson, and amongst others, the Slam Dunk Champ Zach LaVine.

For the Drew, Baron Davis led a squad that also featured Trevor Ariza and promising rookie Stanley Johnson. It felt like they didn’t have their ‘A’ squad as probably the 3 biggest stars of the Drew League — James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, and Nick Young — all did not play. So I would gave Seattle the favorite going in and they ended up winning 135-124.

The exhibition had it’s amazing flair of highlights including Isaiah Thomas blocking Trevor Ariza at the rim, Jamal Crawford hitting a 3rd quarter buzzer beating 3 and putting on a ridiculous handle show on Stanley Johnson, and of course: some Zach LaVine dunks. Enjoy the Ball is Life mixtape with the HD captures from the court above.

James Harden GW at Drew League Finals

Last night, I posted in the MJ interview that the Drew League Finals had just concluded. James Harden led his team to a 5-point W over DeMar DeRozan & Nick Young’s squad. As promised, here are some highlights…

DeRozan first posterized Harden on a fast-break alley-oop. Just look at the atmosphere. Not good looks in front of former teammate Kevin Durant and current beau Khloe Kardashian, huh?

No big for Harden because he found redemption in the game-winning 3 over Swaggy P in the game’s closing minute. The second video here should look more familiar…


Drew League… still on my bucket list. Next year!

BONUS: Harden was in a celebratory mood last night as he accompanied Khloe to Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party and sang Post Malone’s “White Iverson” hit. Video:

MJ on LeBron in 1-on-1: “No question.”

First off, ❤ Photoshop.

Second, Michael Jordan says in the video that he knows ESPN was going to run with it, but he still answered the question in classic MJ fashion. (And yes, they’re running with it.)

Who would win a game of 1-on-1: MJ in his prime or LeBron James?

That answer, plus a lot more, is in 6 minutes of must-see video below as MJ answered a variety of good questions from his campers last week — I believe the same camp where he and Jimmy Butler competed in a shooting contest.

Candid MJ is great. He says the all-time Bulls “would’ve killed” the All-Time Lakers and that Shaq is just talking. He also respects Kobe, “I still love him like a brother,” and has another humorous line on top of that (that I won’t spoil.)

The only downside to the interview: MJ is asked who his favorite band or artist is and comes up with… Robin Thicke?! I wish someone asked him about the Drake line on top of WHAT ARE THOOOSEEE?!

Anyway, enough talk. I’ll let MJ take it from here…

BONUS: In my Twitter feed, I caught another candid MJ interview… from 1992. With Playboy. (SFW) If you’re here watching this above, do yourself a favor and click this. Just as engaging and entertaining.

UNRELATED: The Drew League Finals took place tonight with James Harden leading LAUNFD over DeMar DeRozan & Nick Young’s M.H.P. squad. The play-by-play sounds pretty awesome. Look for the video here tomorrow or possibly later tonight.

James Harden vs. Klay Thompson Drew League Highlights

Harden vs. Klay is a 2-guard rivalry I’m excited for in the years to come. It began last season as Warriors vs. Rockets escalated and so did the their individual star power.

The two clashed, competitively, at L.A.’s famed Drew League recently with Klay Thompson playing for 7-seed C.A.B.C. and Drew mainstay James Harden for 2-seed LAUNFD.

Harden’s team won 78-71 and tallied 15 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists. Quick video above featuring a smooth Harden stepback over Klay, some pure triples from Thompson, and culminating on what I hope was a fully finished posterization from Klay (not on Harden.) Man, I miss the NBA.


Nick Young Drew League Buzzer Beater

October seems so far away right now. But in the meantime, we got an SC Top 10 highlight from Swaggy P in the Drew league. Watch this entire sequence, wooow. The slick behind the back dribble too.


Swaggy P in 2K too…