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Eddie Supa adds a cool, VR vibe to the “Love Again” music video

Probably my favorite slow jam drop of the last few months was actually via the rising Chicago artist I’ve known more as a rapper/producer over the years: Eddie Supa. My point is: that’s saying something! Supa’s got a slept on hit in my opinion with this new-age blues and sax production with the relatable lyrics that hit home.

Now the “Love Again [remix]” has a cool edge to it with the VR touch to the music video. The futuristic, dark color palette is enhanced by touches of neon (the Tron-esque installation in Congruent Space) and from Supa’s cool aesthetic himself. Get familiar as Supa’s wave will only grow larger this year.

*Tibs Fav.

Eddie Supa seen leveling up ⚡️

Bars. And now visuals from the Chicago emcee/producer Eddie Supa. It’s like a real-life anime as Supa charges up with some added effects via Editor Supa himself (video shot by: Berny Echeverria). Dope pump-up song and now the quick-hitting visual to match. Won’t even take a couple minutes of your time… press play.

*Tibs Fav.


Eddie Supa is one of Chicago’s hottest artists this year. Sold out shows that’s even more lit than the crowd in his video. This new version actually dropped today with some fire new edits.

SUUUUPPAAAAA not only raps, but sings and produces. Hear another vibe with one of my songs of the summer — the sax heavy “Love Again”.


(All these Simpsons’ clips on Supa’s gram are amazing btw. 😂)

*Tibs Fav.