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Elijah Blake ‘Free Pt. 2 EP’

Mere weeks after the first FreEP from Elijah Blake comes part 2. It features a mere 2 tracks, but should be the part of a greater FreEP series. As for the music, “Mornin’ After” is your slow jam to play, well, the morning after and “Aqua Static” is a smooth record that’s ultimately my favorite of the 2. Listen below, and be sure to download Pt. 1 also — the Purity Ring produced “Give Me U” is a big one in my rotation now.

Elijah Blake ‘Free Pt. 1’ EP

Following up his powerful new song/video drawing on child abuse this past Monday, Elijah Blake delivers 3 new tracks out of nowhere and it indicates there’s more to come: Free Pt. 1 is below. I patiently waited to hear an outside the box collab — the last track with production by Corin Roddick of Purity Ring. I’m a fan of the latter duo, and was hoping he’d deliver that dark and edgy sound for a singer like Elijah. Welp, success. The piercing production is something completely different for Elijah, even compared to the 2 previous tracks. It’s a pulsating record with Blake’s vocals reigning powerfully with lower verses in contrast to his high-pitched chorus. Definitely the must-listen of the 3 as I liked each track overall, and in backwards consecutive order (3-2-1). Lookin’ forward to more from the Def Jam singer with the Drift EP to drop soon as well.

ICYMI: Elijah Blake “6 / Fallen” [Music Video]

Elijah Blake “6” / “Fallen”

On the heels of his stellar feature on Common’s Nobody’s Smiling, Elijah Blake is prepping his new solo EP, Drift, and does so in a powerful new way by singing slowly on a topic not often covered: child abuse. In it, Elijah describes some dark experiences of his father’s physical form of discipline, yet also concludes with a recollection of a childlike imagination we should still think from today.

I’m 6 years old, full of imagination.

It’s hard not to be pulled in by this gripping story. *applauds* — seen via Fauntleroy’s IG (so I’m assuming they worked together on this one, also given their previous connections).

*Tibs Fav.

Common ‘Nobody’s Smiling’ [Tracklist]

Common‘s Nobody’s Smiling album is set to simmer this summer on July 22nd and the news keeps pouring in this week after the reveal of the album art above. Big Sean, Jhené Aiko, Lil Herb, and Cocaine 80s are among the star-studded features on Nobody’s Smiling. Com is also set to collab with fellow Chicagoans Lil Herb & Dreezy on records seen below. With only “Kingdom” out right now, it’s natural to expect a few more previews as we turn the calendar into July. Highly looking forward to many of these collabs too.

1. The Neighborhood f/ Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s
2. No Fear
3 Diamonds f/ Big Sean
4. Blak Majik f/ Jhené Aiko
5. Speak My Piece
6. Hustle Harder f/ Snoh Aalegra & Dreezy
7. Nobody’s Smiling
8. Real f/ Elijah Blake
9. Kingdom f/ Vince Staples
10. Rewind That

Deluxe Edition:

11. Out On Bond f/ Vince Staples
12. 7 Deadly Sings
13. Young Hearts Run Free f/ Cocaine 80s