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Empathy Test’s first 2019 release is an instant add

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years now since I discovered U.K. synthpop duo Empathy Test when they provided sounds for ESPN’s 2014 NBA Finals social media coverage. See below:

I guess not much has changed in 5 years. Kawhi Leonard was getting buckets on the way to being Finals MVP in 2014 and tonight, Kawhi is doing the same in leading his new team within one win from the 2019 NBA Finals.

Similarly, Empathy Test is getting replays of their new songs, 5 years apart. Let’s just hope Kawhi doesn’t leave Toronto “Empty Handed”. Har. Har. Har. (I’ll stop here before I become the Cardi B news anchor, smh.)

Seriously though, this new one, their first drop of 2019, is on some soundtrack ‘ish. The consistent, fast-paced synths feels like this could be in Tron and the vivid lyricism feels like it should match up with the movie’s apex scene. I already got this on repeat and look forward to the full 4-track EP drop, which you can pre-order and download come June 20th.

*Tibs Fav.


Empathy Test’s long awaited EP

It’s been amazing to see the U.K.’s synthpop duo Empathy Test continue to grow since we discovered them way back in the 2015 NBA Finals. Their music then still stands the test of time now (I play their first EP all the time and get a lot of “Who is this?!”) and their long-awaited latest drop would fit right in.

“Holy Rivers” and “Incubation Song” also get some remixes, per Empathy Test’s usual style. Where this really shines is with “Incubation Song” because the longer version is a great zone and the length of the track really works here. No excuse for not checking out this out above!


Empathy Test ‘Throwing Stones Remixed EP’

The latest from the U.K. synthpop duo is a fresh new remix EP, out today!

Empathy Test, one of my favorite new artists of the last year, get that good remix treatment from DJs and producers around the world, adding a whole new EDM/electronica sound to their existing gem of a project.

A couple early favorites are the new remixes that dropped with the full project, much of it previewed this summer. “Holding On” by KVLT starts off really well especially and “Hope For Me” has an all-new, eerie mood to it courtesy of Figures of Eighty to conclude the EP. Stream below and enjoy.

Empathy Test ‘Throwing Stones EP’

Empathy Test is one of my favorite new artists of 2014 and their 2nd release this year, the new Throwing Stones EP only solidifies that bold statement.

The U.K. synthpop duo fuses some electronic and R&B as well for a defined, cohesive sound they’ve already developed on these first two projects. It’s impressive how polished they are and between Throwing Stones and the debut Losing Touch, I have had these guys in rotation consistently ever since the summer.

Following the model of Losing Touch, the Throwing Stones EP starts with the title track and begins the paralleled 4-track project. As I touched on in the post of the song, the imagery is captivating, especially on the hook. The added synth layer here makes it the strongest element of a song that’s been steady in the playlist since October.

“Here Is The Place” takes a somewhat somber start even more that direction as it describes the place where he will rest. There’s a relatable factor for those attached to their hometown and depending on that nostalgia, you may like this more than the others.

“Holding On” is my favorite track of the project featuring the strongest chorus and the strongest synths individually. This one has racked up the repeats and its ambiguity also creates multiple ways for the listener to connect with the song. The structure of the song also allows the production to shine in its solo moments (and shine it does.)

Finally, the non-previewed track of the EP is “Hope For Me” — a fitting conclusion that lyrically feels connected to the song prior and the project as a whole. This is probably the most direct a relationship record to relate to on the project. The triumphant end synths and eerie, female wave vocal is a phenomenal ending to the song and EP. You can really feel like it’s a conclusion.

And with that, I think you now know what to do. I hope the guys continue to grow Stateside; after all, they are signed with Brooklyn electronic indie label Stars & Letters and all the above music is on iTunes & Spotify. We hope to see them in Chicago come Lollapalooza 2015 — they’d be the perfect group for the annual Hard Rock Cafe after-party weekend (see: 2014). Or hey, perhaps even sooner!

*Tibs Fav. on all 4 tracks (“Holding On” all-caps *TIBS FAV. status)

P.S. Love all the artwork for each song. Peep their Soundcloud or my tweet.

Empathy Test “Holding On”

Previously 2 for 2… now 3 for 3, Empathy Test has another excellent preview of their forthcoming Throwing Stones EP with “Holding On” below.

In fact, it’s my favorite of the 3 thus far.

The U.K. synthpop duo extends their sound and song structure with “Holding On”. The instrumental is first and foremost an instant hit. The quick rhythm, layers on the hook (a constant in their work), and the solo instrumental moments are all on point. The latter creates that unique structure and it really works; I love the flow of the song. Turn up the volume and feel the energy and vibrations here.

Vocally and lyrically, the song is no slouch either. There’s a variance between a low pitch on the verses and high pitch for the chorus. Said chorus is a great one too and emphasizes the visual you can create from the lyrics before it. The balance of specifics versus ambiguity works to draw your own parallels. Lastly, it’s that “Holding on to you” line of the chorus that will be stuck in your head after just one listen. In fact, “Holding On”, the song, is already on multiple listens for me. Now I really can’t wait for the what’s to come on the full Throwing Stones EP come December 9th.

*Tibs Fav. 

ICYMI: “Here Is The Place” | “Throwing Stones”