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Empathy Test “Here Is The Place”

Empathy Test makes it 2 for 2 for the upcoming EP, Throwing Stones.

“Here Is The Place” follows suit of the title track with their signature, sound-defining synths setting the tone within the first few seconds. Lyrically, it’s a story about finding the place where one will lay rest, which, though depressing, also paints a vivid picture for the listener. This sort of visualization, characteristic of their entire body of work, is a chief trait that stands out the U.K. synthpop duo. The chorus will stick with you, especially given the added layers in the production and the great drum pattern throughout. Perhaps saving the best for last, the instrumental solo at the 2:40 mark until the song’s conclusion is amazing.

Needless to say, stay tuned all the way through and you got yourself a new song for the rotation. Hopefully we’ll see some visuals soon before the EP drops in full this December.

*Tibs Fav.

ICYMI: Empathy Test “Throwing Stones”

Empathy Test “Throwing Stones”

Following up last week’s preview of a new Empathy Test production in a powerful Climate Change video, the London synthpop duo release the first track off their upcoming second EP with “Throwing Stones”.

The title track below is already getting better with more listens and even picks up throughout the song. I got into it at the halfway point of the first verse and love the imagery of the hook combined with the new layer of synths to supplement it. The start of the second verse doesn’t dip, whether in sound or lyricism and that sustainability lasts for the rest of the song. Time will tell if it’ll earn the repeat listens of their first Losing Touch EP, but that’s a ridiculously high personal bar to reach. Instead, I appreciate this one in the present moment and look forward to the consistent rotation burn it’s bound to get leading up to the EP’s full release on December 9th.

*Tibs Fav. 

Empathy Test preview #ClimateChange

I’m patiently waiting the latest from London synthpop duo Empathy Test, who got my attention with their debut EP, Losing Touch, around this year’s NBA Finals coverage on ESPN. The group has a new EP, Throwing Stones, due for a November 18th release and begins the campaign for that by linking up with an important campaign in itself — Climate Reality’s aim to, “Why Not Act on Climate Change?”

Empathy Test’s sound is perfect to amplify a powerful message like that expressed in the video, which illustrates the need to act now to conserve natural resources for future generations to sustain well-being amidst a climate change that will harm it. Children from all around the world talk about the challenges they’re facing and address this simple question to the UN: why not?! Co-sign. Watch above for the true impact of the message and find out more at askwhywhynot.org.

Empathy Test ‘Losing Touch EP’


The story of how I discovered Empathy Test is a heartwarming example of great marketing. With my eyes and ears on everything NBA Playoffs this time of year, a recent string of artistic vines released by ESPN have magnificently captured some of this year’s biggest moments. The first one I saw happened to be this weekend and I had to post it to the Design section:


The vines for ESPN were excellently created by Richard Swarbrick (a quick click there for his Twitter will show you all of them) and for each one, he credited the music to Empathy Test.

Here’s where the fun begins – discovering what infectious, powerful melody these 6 second playoff clips were set to.

I googled ‘Empathy Test’ to soon find out they are a synth/electro-pop duo (Adam Relf and Isaac Howlett) coming from London and signed to NYC’s Stars & Letters Records. A couple clicks later and I’m on their bandcamp pressing play on the 4 tracks on their debut Losing Touch EP, released this past February, searching for that beat in the Vine.

I actually thought the first track, “Losing Touch”, was initially the Vine until I replayed both and quickly realized “Last Night on Earth” (track 3) was the tune I was looking for. What’s cool about this momentary confusion though is that it speaks to the similar impact of the energetic synths that these two records have, and no surprise, they’re my top two of the four on the EP. You’ll also soon discover that each of the four tracks are flanked with high-pitched pop vocals that combined with the production sounds like a soundtrack for a movie. I’m thinking Drive and I feel I won’t be alone.

Whatever the movie, it deserves to be in one. All four tracks are a great soundtrack for your drive, workout, work, or really anything. Empathy Test has been my go-to all week as I’m glued above and on their SoundCloud for even more tunes. Nice choice, ESPN, NBA, Richard Swarbrick. Here’s to paying it forward on my end too. Enjoy!

Today’s Vine for last night’s Game 1…