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Lolla Weekend: Blood Orange x Ratking @ Empty Bottle 7/31/14

After what seemed like the longest week ever without a doubt I, much like everyone else in Chicago, were more than ready to squad up for Lollapalooza Weekend. First put on? Ratking and Blood Orange at the Empty Bottle. Kicking off the start of the festival weekend, both artists blessed us * insert prayer hand emoji* on a Thursday night. With liquor flowing, beats bumping, and smoke looming around the stage, who gave a fuck about tomorrow’s work day?


Starting off the show, Ratking did what they do best…go fucking hard. My personal moments came from Wiki whose energy was anything but basic. Wiki brought the crowd together with his nasal, high-pitch rapping style. Okay it sounds terrible when I say it like that but his skills are definite throwbacks to Eminem’s Slim Shady days. While Wiki jumped and bashed the mic vocally and physically (nah for real, dude smacked that thing on his head), Hak kept cool, calm, and collected. Rapping in a trance-like state, Hak’s flow was chill and the complete opposite of his band brother, Wiki. Easing his way from one verse and note to another, his raps built momentum to Sport’s beats and Wiki’s harder than hard energy. Combined with his chill allure, Wiki’s “give no fucks” charismatic, and Sport’s heart pumping beats without a doubt Ratking gave the venue a definite rager.

Blood Orange

Dev Haynes, my dude. The best thing about Blood Orange is he gives credit to where credit is due. From showcasing the individual talents of his band to his special shout out to Ratking’s earlier set, Dev Haynes closed and started the night with some of the best vibes. Literally…nothing killed this guy’s upbeat performance. Even when his mic completely went out, he kept it rolling and started a dance. THAT’S WHATSSSS UP. Besides the impromptu dance party I was most happy to jam out to some of my favorite Blood Orange tracks like “Chamakay” and “Bad Girls”. I mean who can resist dancing when you got Dev Haynes moving and grooving in his overalls literally serenading you on stage?