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Entourage Trailer #2

Entourage Trailer #2 is above and pretty glorious for any longtime fan of the franchise. We get a greater grasp of the plot, some new funny moments, some “old” but good ones from the first trailer, and a long list of the A-listers set to cameo. I’m sure there will be more too, and representing the hip hop side of things will be Pharrell and T.I.

Watch and enjoy up above and note the most underrated comedic part of the trailer: Johnny Drama’s 2 second cutscene when it’s his turn to be labeled.


Kid Cudi in the studio for Entourage

Nothing too earth-shattering but it is Kid Cudi in the studio with Entourage creator Doug Ellin and music director Scott Vener (and Jeremy Piven in spirit) and one can certainly imagine it’s for a track for the upcoming summer film?! After all, Kid Cudi is starring in the picture as Ari Gold’s new assistant in case you’re unaware…

Hopefully it is for the film because Entourage has always been cutting-edge with new music. No doubt they’ll be pushing the envelope for the big screen.

ICYMI: Kid Cudi “Love”

Pharrell on the set of Entourage Movie

The Entourage Movie is currently in The Tyson Zone when it comes to cameos. If you’re not a Bill Simmons reader, that basically means you’re at the point of not being shocked anytime you hear news like “So-and-so is appearing in the Entourage movie”.

In today’s case, it’s Pharrell and Pharrell’s Hat who breaks out a new shade of teal for the star-studded affair. The picture is via Mark Cuban, who will hopefully reprise his connection with Turtle in the movie, and also appearing is Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson. Has he left the set yet, actually? <—- That was last week.

Pics: Kid Cudi in Entourage Movie

If you don’t know, now ya know… Kid Cudi will have a regular role in the upcoming Entourage Movie as Ari Gold’s assistant.

Entourage creator and producer Doug Ellin has been instagramming a few photos from the set this month, including the lead photo in the gallery above earlier today. What a powerful pic with Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson.

For any Entourage fan, Ellin is a must-follow on IG because he also spread the news that Common will have a cameo in the upcoming movie. The who’s who list will only continue to grow…