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M.L.A. “Symphony Infinity” f/ LP & TWSS

The #TBT freshness continues today! After Raekwon in the previous post, the Mint Lab Astronauts call upon a couple of fellow Chicago emcees, LP and introducing female rapper TWSS for “Symphony Infinity” — a 2014 paralleled remix of EPMD’s classic “Symphony 2000” with Method Man, Redman, & Lady Luck.

J.pak, who notes this was one of his favorite beats growing up, kicks it off with one of his fastest flows yet to do the raw symphonic hip hop production justice. His verse also features some of his best lines as of late before LP keeps it going up second. The other half of the Astros, (and birthday boy, HBD!) pak.one, follows suit with some dope bars and concluding things, TWSS delivers the edgiest in-your-face bars of the group batting cleanup. There’s too much to recount and I’m already on repeat listens to even count in the first place. Lovin’ the parallel of the order as well, so much so, that I brought back the original music video too. Lend your ears!

*Tibs Fav. 

ICYMI: Mint Lab Astronauts “Lounge” (Live) [GWHH Video]


#TBT PMD “I Saw It Comin'”

Big shout to the man above for puttin’ me on game to the “I Saw It Comin'” video as Jalen Rose himself made mention of PMD‘s highest charting solo single in this week’s Jalen & Jacoby podcast.

ICYMI, last week, Jalen & Jacoby started a hip hop group bracket pitting 32 rap groups or duos against each other. On Tuesday’s episode, the two ran through the first round of results and after recapping that EPMD went down in the first round, Jalen shed some light that he and Ice Cube cameo in the “I Saw It Comin'” video in 1994… playing Sega Genesis. Intrigued, I pressed pause (at the 43 minute mark) and a quick Google search later I see just that… Jalen & Cube playin some NBA Jam Tournament Edition, ha!

The song itself is classic 90s too — you’ll immediately be taken back to the time with the beat, PMD’s style (he does his thing here), the text graphic (!), and just the video as a whole contributing to this great, nostalgic feeling. It’s also fun to appreciate this 20 years later and for a young generation like me (I was 7 at the time, gimme a break!) to appreciate all of the in-depth 90s hip hop for perhaps the first time.