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Common: The N Word on OTL

Last night, ESPN‘s Outside The Lines aired another important new special on a hard-hitting topic in sports — the use of “The N Word”. For the discussion, they called upon many of the esteemed African-American sportswriters as well as Common for their perspective on the topic, on the heels of the NFL’s adoption to ban the word. Common is the perfect person to have weigh in on the subject with his intelligence and involvement in the hip hop culture for so long. Watch the segment above ICYMI!

ESPN Music Issue Photos

Yesterday, ESPN Magazine revealed its annual Music Issue cover stars and this year, there are three covers and 6 huge stars to grace it: Kobe & Nicki Minaj, Calvin Johnson & Eminem, and CP3 & Kendrick Lamar.

Today, ESPN releases all-new behind the scenes photos of all of the above, plus Skylar Grey & Hope Solo (who actually look like they can be sisters). Scroll through the gallery of 20 photos (all via ESPN with backstory captions) to view some real nice candids, with a couple of notable favorites: Kobe playing ping pong and the Calvin Johnson & Eminem overhead photo at the famous Shelter in Detroit.

ESPN Music Issue [Covers]

The annual ESPN Music issue is on its way and it features three really dope covers merging a superstar athlete and rapper. You got Kobe & Nicki Minaj above, D-Town representin’ with Calvin Johnson & Eminem, and CP3 and Kendrick Lamar. Last year’s music issue with LeBron & Dre was a good one, and I’m looking forward to all these cover stories (and much of the names on the cover too) so I’ll be picking this up when I see it on newsstands this week.