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Lightning in a Bottle 2015 [Music Lineup]

Here is the music lineup for Do LaB’s 2015 Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) music and arts festival.


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LIB has developed into one of the most hyped spiritual festivals in California featuring amazing musicians, visual artists, luminaries, healers, performers, teachers, and activists. This year they’ve got FlumeSBTRKTODESZA, and RL Grime headlining the 5-day camping festival over Memorial Day Weekend (May 21 – 25, 2015) in Bradley, CA.

Touted as being equal parts visually and aurally stunning, Do LaB has developed LIB into a key outlet for showcasing its mesmerizing stage designs, one-of-a-kind art installations and cutting-edge curatorial capabilities – all of which make LIB one of the most innovative festivals on the planet. In addition, LIB has earned recognition for being “the most environmentally conscious festival in America,” according to a press release distributed by Do LaB.

LIB has come to be known not only as a music festival, but as an assembly of immersive environments that appeal to all of the senses. The festival is divided into several festival sanctuaries, where attendees can engage with and explore yoga and dance classes, motivational speakers, and health-conscious workshops. Individuals and families are welcome to attend and take part in the event. (h/t)


Flume Live @ Concord (Recap)

I heard “Holdin On” by Flume ft. Freddie Gibbs for the first time about two years ago, and its on about 5 of my playlists right now. That is to say, it’s one of those jams that doesn’t go away. It does, from time to time, get lost in that sea of new music, only to reemerge with that same hednotic value that doesn’t seem to depreciate. Its already a classic in my book, obviously. With that being said, I didn’t listen to much of his other music until I saw the 22 year old producer live last Saturday at Concord Music Hall. Things are different now. After a long Lolla weekend of hangovers, unexplained bruises, and spaghetti legs, I’ve spent most of the last week listening to Flume and telling people to shut the f*ck up (I’m listening to Flume).

One thing was instantly clear when the young Australian took the stage – he was having fun. It was apparent that Flume was happy to be in Chicago, and we were willing to follow him down whatever musical journey he was about to lead. Of course we all had expectations of a funky ride, and he didn’t disappoint. Deep grooves and laid back tempos paired with super dope graphics and the infinite prism made for not only the best after show, but the best performance I saw all weekend. Come back soon, man.

Flume and The Infinite Prism
Flume and The Infinite Prism | Photos: @WhoDough