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Tyler The Creator on Odd Future: “No More”

In a trio of nostalgic tweets tonight, Tyler The Creator called the end of his group with Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and a host of others — Odd Future — “no more”.


I sense that it’s more in reference to music and the natural progression of their own careers. But hey, never say never when it comes to groups. Maybe Odd Future comes together years down the line after a flurry of Grammys from Frank Ocean and Tyler winning… a directoral Oscar?! I dunno, just spitballin’ now but who knows??


Frank Ocean announces new album?

The ever elusive Frank Ocean just made a post on his tumblr/website, which has now crashed, but probably because it beared the news we’ve been waiting for — a new album!

According to this screencap of the announcement, Boys Don’t Cry, coming in July.


Interesting album title. More interesting: “twoooo versions.”

UPDATEBillboard has confirmed via a rep of Ocean that a new album is coming in July, but it isn’t titled yet.

“A rep for Ocean confirmed with Billboard it’s the latter — a new album and his own publication are due out in July. So far, there’s no title for either just yet.”

3 Chance album features revealed

Chance x Frank Ocean

Chance x J. Cole

Chance x Andre 3000

And Chance x GQ as in the story accompanying his photospread, GQ reveals these 3 big-names are features for the TBD titled, upcoming album. Naturally, all 3 collabs will make for an interesting final product at the very least. It’s hard to pick just one that I’m most intrigued for, in fact. Looks like Chance is in for a big year.

Suspended from high school in 2011 for weed-related activities, he says, he put the finishing touches on 10 Day, a heavily hyped debut mixtape. His subsequent guest appearances—nasally breathless, startlingly precocious—gained the attention of artists like Frank Ocean, J. Cole, and André 3000, all of whom will appear on his yet to be named debut LP.


Frank Ocean new Aaliyah cover “(At Your Best) You Are Love”

Late night surprise from Frank Ocean who drops a new Aaliyah cover in tribute to the late singer’s birthday today. Frank takes on “(At Your Best) You Are Love” (an Isley Brothers cover originally) and sings wonderful falsettos with minimal piano behind him. It’s an easy one to appreciate with my favorite part coming at the end where Frank sings briefly at a normal pitch. It only adds to the power of the high pitch throughout the song and that concludes the 5 minute track as a whole — “You Are Luhh” (hopefully, luhh doesn’t become the new bae.) Enjoy!

*Tibs Fav.


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