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Mick Jenkins “DJ Booth RapBox Freestyle #1” [Video]

Mick Jenkins goes in on the first “DJ Booth RapBox Freestyle #1” and shows off his lyrical prowess over some dope beatbox beats. More on the series below.

How a rapper performs with just a beat box backing him is the true test of an emcee’s skills, and it’s a test we’ll be giving all-comers in our new video series, RapBox First up, Top Prospects alum and one of Chicago’s finest young emcees, Mick Jenkins, who takes a stroll through Coney Island with beatboxer Shockwave and along the way manages to drop some ill bars and illicit more than a few stares from people passing by. Shout out to those shirtless dudes in the background taking a selfie.


Vic Mensa “Warm Up Sessions W/ SBTV” [Video]

SaveMoney member and XXL freshmen Vic Mensa linked up with SBTV in the UK for the “Warm Up Sessions” episode as he drops some bars as usual. More on SBTV below.

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Witness the fire and energy from these MC’s in the SBTV Warm Up Sessions. There are no limits for these sessions, it’s nothing but bars upon beats. Check out the playlists below:

Warm Up Sessions [0-200]: SBTV


Mick Jenkins “HipHop DX Freestyle” [Video]

The recent Cinematic Music Group signee and FreeNation emcee Mick Jenkins visited Los Angeles and linked up with HipHop DX for a very dope freestyle. Not gonna lie… Mick’s starting to remind me a lot of Mos Def, specially when he’s rapping with that cool mic that’s a signature choice of Mos. None the less, Mick’s a young, righteous, talented spitter and he’s making Chicago proud!