#TBT Warriors-Cavs NBA on NBC Intro

Ah, the glory days of the NBA on NBC intro.

Of all the 90s nostalgic things you can send my way, this probably is #1.

And thanks to the always undefeated internet, you can get your NBA on NBC intro for tonight‘s Game 1 of Warriors-Cavs up above.

Can you guess what Finals Marv is actually previewing… that translates nearly flawlessly for 2015? (Answer below.)

Meanwhile, a couple more videos to get you amped…

How about the time when Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving dueled in Cleveland, pre-LeBron, down to the wire with nearly 30 points each? I hope we see some of that tonight and throughout this series.

Also, I haven’t had a chance to watch all of 286 3-pointers from Steph Curry until today. I know, I’m slacking, but here’s literally every one. (And an amazing statistical article from Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry that makes Curry even more unbelievable.)

Answer: 2001 Lakers vs. Sixers, led by MVP Allen Iverson. Soooo is Steph Curry going to step over Matthew Dellavedova after a corner 3 tonight? That’s one random thing I’d bet on. I’d also bet on the Warriors… in 5, let’s be bold.

Steph Curry G6 Full Highlights vs. Grizzlies

I think tonight is the night where Steph-Mania took even another step forward. Twitter, ESPN, even a few texts from friends… it all happened tonite.

Largely because of this 62-foot flicka da the wrist to beat the 3rd quarter buzzer and swing the momentum permanently to the Warriors’ side…



That’s Curry’s 2nd iconic shot of the playoffs and the stage is only going to get bigger and brighter as the Warriors closed out Game 6 in Memphis and advanced to their first conference finals since… 1975. Wow.

Not only did Curry hit the unbelievable shot, but he also poured in a playoff career-high 8 3-pointers and 32 points overall (not to mention 10 times.) All of the highlights are worth a look-see above (via @DawkinsMTA), as really all his 3s and dribble moves are pretty incredible. Subtly too… the Klay buckets Curry assisted on were deadly too. I got the Splash Bros. & Co. as the favorites taking down the title this time next month, how bout you?

BONUS: Draymond Green asks himself a question at the podium with Steph, and Steph’s reaction is like all of ours.


Also, this Steph Curry E:60 piece looks good.