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Pharrell “Happy” Grammys 2015

Pharrell just got off the stage at the Grammys and performed a re-invention of his Grammy-winning song with the help of Hans Zimmer and pianist, Lang Lang. Hans added a darker, cinematic start to the song (as you would expect if you’re familiar with his work) and then Lang Lang’s solo was a good one too. Meanwhile, P performed the song and drew a ton of parallels to Grand Budapest Hotel (haha) but also had the nice moment pictured above. #HandsUpDontShoot

ICYMI, watch below:



Kanye West “Only One” Grammys 2015

Kanye West just performed “Only One” at the Grammys and as you’d expect, it was an emotional rendition of his song with Paul McCartney. It brought back fond memories of “Hey Mama” at the Grammys, which I also had to include down below.

I enjoyed the performance itself as well: ‘Ye’s live autotune sounded great and his movements within the only one spotlight from under him were beautifully captured by the CBS cameras. I liked the shots from below ‘Ye’s eye level especially. The only detracting thing I have on the performance had nothing to do with Kanye. After he made his swift exit off stage and off camera, the show was quickly moved to the next presenters: Miley Cyrus & Nicki Minaj, as the beat trailed off. It needed more time to breathe, not Miley’s voice interrupting as they introduced Madonna. I wonder lowkey if that’s what Kanye thought too.

ICYMI, enjoy the performance above and watch ‘Ye come back out for “FourFiveSeconds” here.

2015 Grammys Winners

Here are the 2015 Grammys Winners as they’re revealed and there were a bunch of big ones before the show.

Peep the gallery above to see those, including Eminem for Best Rap Album — the 6th (!) Best Rap Album of his career. Kendrick Lamar also got his Grammys as he takes both Best Rap Song & Best Rap Performance.

No big beef with these winners. Ultimately, I didn’t enjoy MMLP2 as much as other Eminem albums, but I respect the impact it had and Eminem always as an artist. I woulda gone with Common’s Nobody’s Smiling amongst the nominees. Kendrick’s “i” on the other hand stayed in my rotation longer than I thought it would and I love that the positive message of that song got rewarded. Plus, it feels like kind of a make-up from last year. A lot of the nominees in his categories are worthy winners to my ears as well.

Also, though it’s a tad unsatisfying to find out the winners to these on Twitter and not during the big show, tonite will be about the performances anyway. And hey, Iggy didn’t win so we don’t have to hear the uproar again. Remember: awards are nice at the end of the day and fun to follow when it’s as highly regarded as the Grammys, but at the same time, the end result is nothing to really get too worked up over. Just like lists, it’s nice to be mentioned and win, but it’s not an end-all, be-all determination either. Like what you like is what I like to say 🙂

Click here to see the full list of winners + nominees.

(Sam Smith won. /Saved you a click.)

Common, Legend, Pharrell x Grammys

The accolades for “Glory” keep coming in for Common & John Legend during Awards season. The Golden Globe winners and Oscar nominated artists are now set to perform the song at the Grammys, as newly announced with other performers like Pharrell, Usher, Sam Smith, and Miranda Lambert.

They all join Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, AC/DC, Eric Church, and Madonna as the performers thus far for February 8th.

Methinks there’s only one more missing…