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Mint Lab Astronauts “Lounge” LIVE

The last weekend show we went to this month: Chicago duo Mint Lab Astronauts, opening up for Dreamville Records’ Bas over at one of the dope local spots for hip hop in the heart of Wicker Park, Subterranean.

My homie Mike and I met up with Maks & Heather inside Sub-T at the perfect time: about 20 minutes before M.L.A.’s set, giving us just enough time to settle in, say whattup to the Astronauts (I actually ran into j.pak outside), and get ready to film their 7-song performance.

The fans there for Bas were already there expecting good lyricism and that’s just what they got about 30 minutes before when M.L.A. performed “Lounge”, featured above. As the song title suggests, the chill vibe was a perfect, smooth backdrop for pak.one to spit first, j.pak immediately following with his long verse, and the two together to close it out for the song’s highest energy point. The audio has a raw, live feel to it, that combined with the lighting and the general underground mood of Sub-T, brings me back to a similar feeling of watching 90s hip hop in 8 Mile. And if you read this far, you’ve already seen how Maksim put down the edit with a kaleidoscope lens providing cool looks at the duo and matching their vibe and aesthetic.

The Astronauts continued to rock a set filled with a mix of hype records and lyrical chill records, that earned them a compliment from Bas after the show (wherein j.pak also poked his beard). We stayed all the way til close to see Bas’ one-hour set that featured a great amount of crowd engagement and a surprise guest appearance from Chicago’s own Dreamville representa: Omen. It capped off a refreshing night of good, raw hip hop.

Omen, pak.one, Bas, j.pak
Omen, pak.one, Bas, j.pak

However, the night was far from over. As Bas’ set concluded, it was only 11 o’clock so our group of 4 wandered out into Wicker Park with no agenda other than to score some tacos. We did, twice. First, right away at the Flash Taco stand. Then immediately after at Big Star where we can sit down and enjoy some tilapia in the tacos. Ha! Though our late dinner convo steered in other directions, it eventually came back to my friend Mike — a first-time listener of Mint Lab — coming away impressed with their energy and asking where he could find more of their music. facebook.com/MintLabAstronauts — and that goes for everybody!

pak.one | Photo: Maksim
pak.one | Photo: Maksim
j.pak | Photo: Maksim
j.pak | Photo: Maksim
Mint Lab Astronauts w/ fans | Photo: Maksim

ICYMI: Mint Lab Astronauts “One More Time” f/ K-Lo | “Hubcap”

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Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers” (Live)

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One of the standout performances we saw during Lollapalooza weekend was Lykke Li, accompanied by a vibrant live band, headlining Night 1 of ‘The Sound Of Your Stay Music Lounge’. We were up in the front row with the cameras rolling where it was Lykke Li’s 2011 hit single “I Follow Rivers” that made for a memorable performance. The “I I follow” in the chorus and the “Ohhh Ohh Oh Oh Oh” will have you singing after you watch the video, as I also particularly enjoyed the buildup and energy to the last chorus. Stay tuned all the way through for that, and another visual surprise as well. Enjoy!

—A GWHH Video Production—
Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers” (Live) @ Lollapalooza 2014: ‘The Sound Of Your Stay Music Lounge’ presented by BMF Media, Beats Music, Fender, Palladia, and Traktor.
Filmed by: Maksim & Sgt. Tibs
Edited by: Maksim
Location: Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
August 1, 2014.

Photos of Lykke Li + a recap of ‘The Sound Of Your Stay Music Lounge’