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HXLT ‘Cover Me EP’

Chicago’s really coming with it this week. HXLT is today’s latest as he surprise drops a 5-track EP through MTVCover Me has a double meaning since all 5 tracks are creative covers of a wide range of songs from Amy Winehouse’s famous “Back To Black” to Florence & The Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over” to Drake’s “Pound Cake”.

HXLT really captures the dark vibe of Winehouse and that sets the tone for the EP. You’ll hear a lot of slowed down singing from HXLT, which you haven’t yet to this degree through his career thus far. It really works, not only for Winehouse, but for the Florence cover, my early overall favorite “Too Cold”, and the “Pound Cake” flip: “Go Deep”. The latter isn’t your typical new verse over the original beat though. The entire production gets a facelift with mere elements of the original spliced in.

It’s a quick-hit listen and an engaging one from beginning to end. Stay up on the newest from G.O.O.D.’s latest signee and see what’s the next step in the evolution of HXLT.



Redd’s Wicked Apple -“The Most Wicked Party” ft Holt, Danny Brown, & Hannibal Buress

Come chill with some of the best curators of art and music as “The Most Wicked Party” stops by Chicago on June 4th. Organized by AFROPUNK, the time is now to catch some of your favorite artists getting turnt on some Redd’s Wicked Apple and spit game at the Tumblr babe you’ve been thirsting. With appearances by newly signed G.O.O.D Hollywood Holt aka Nigel Holt, Danny Brown, Hannibal Buress, and artist Hebru Brantley, y’all better bust our your google maps to get in on the action. Look out for an exclusive recap from yours truly as Thursday night gets lit.

Holt Live @ The Mid [Recap]

It was a family affair. A successful one. Chicago’s the Mid was filled with Treated crowns last night when Holt took the stage to play his first hometown show since signing to GOOD Music. And while we got a taste of Holt’s new sound with “Nightcall,” last night we saw it all come together. The creativity and energy put into Holt’s new music is refreshing, and shit, hearing authentic music like that is exciting. You pair that authenticity with supreme confidence and the energy of a underground punk band… and that’s Holt live.

Holt @ SXSW

I’ve seen Holt rap with Treated Crew, interview ShowYouSuck at JBTV, and DJ on several occasions, but never seen him own the spotlight like he did this weekend at SXSW. It’s really not accurate to say I saw his show when it was more like I was at his party. When he wasn’t crowd surfing, Holt held The Main down with multiple tracks off his forthcoming release from GOOD Music. Clearly drawn from a diverse background of punk, indie, and hip hop, Holt has cultivated a sound of his own – I can’t wait for the world to hear this shit. After the show, I caught up with him for a quick Q&A…

WD: So was that a preview of the album?
HOLT: Yeah, all of those songs are on the album. Except White Wedding – that was just for the show.

WD: What about Nightcall?
HOLT: Nah, we made that shit just to give to people.

WD: That was smooth as hell, man.
HOLT: The album’s a lot like that, the song’s are either hard as fuck or super chill.

WD: Obviously, congrats on GOOD Music.
HOLT: Thank you very much.

WD: How many times did you jump out that window till you liked it?
: 8 times. 8 times we jumped outa that fuckin window.**

WD: Was it your idea?
HOLT: Yeah, I concept everything visually. And no matter what I’m creating, I collaborate with homies whether it’s music, videos, clothes…

WD: Whats next for Treated Crew?
HOLT: Treated Crew is forever on the rise. We will forever make (actually) exclusive, high quality shit for people to have whether its clothes, art or music.

WD: Any show you’re tryna catch here at SXSW?
HOLT: Always gotta catch Freddie Gibbs, cuz he’s cold as fuck.

WD: Pizza or Tacos?
HOLT: Thats a loaded question!

WD: Aright gimme your favorite pizza place.
HOLT: Giordano’s pizza. Deep Dish. From the Crib. South Side. Chicago pizza. Pizza, mother fucker. Not Lou Malnatis. Not fuckin Uno’s… It aint deep dish if it aint Giordanos.

WD: Yes, thank you! And tacos?
HOLT: There’s too many at the crib!

WD: My spot’s La Pasadita.
HOLT: La Pasadita on Division? Yeah, that’s flame. But Zacatacos – flamest steak, bruh.

WD: Aright, that’s all I got.
HOLT: Tight.




Holt “Nightcall” (Kavinsky Cover)

On the heels of last week’s announcement and signing to G.O.O.D. Music, Chicago’s Holt (aka Hollywood Holt) drops his first release and in the process reveals a new sound and direction. Still connecting with Mano on the production, the two concoct a new cover of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” — a cult favorite from the cult Gosling movie Drive. The original is one of my favorites too so hearing a fresh version of it from these guys is definitely welcomed.

The pace is a fair amount slower and for the video, Holt had to provide some cinematic visuals to match. The colors stand out and the story plays out in an equally slow pace so watch above and see if you vibe with it. Holt and Chelsea Lombardo direct and Emily Morse contributes on the vocals.