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James Harden buzzer beater vs. Suns

James Harden with the coldest buzzer beater of the year.

Sorry P.J. Tucker’s ankles. Wow. This is the 3rd buzzer beater that the Suns have lost on this year (here are the other two) and that will almost certainly come back to haunt them as they race for the 8th seed these next few months. Tough luck.

Suns about to jump James Harden before he hits the team bus.
Suns about to jump James Harden before he hits the team bus.

Elsewhere in the L, J.R. Smith and LeBron James connected on probably the coolest alley-oop of the year so far.

And even without Kobe for the rest of the year, the Lakers are a gift that just keeps on giving.

And if you know Kelly Clarkson best from 40-Year Old Virgin, here ya go.


Kelly Clarkson herself even caught wind of this. Hilarious.


Charlotte Hornets new jerseys

I, like many of my fellow 90s kids, am excited about the return of the Charlotte Hornets as the Bobcats are officially no longer for the upcoming season. Today, the franchise and the NBA revealed the new Hornets jerseys above.

As a design, uniform, and typography geek, I have mixed feelings. The color scheme is instantly a hit, yet the numbers are too large and the font a little distracting and futuristic. The uniforms continue to strive toward a new, modern identity and I get that, but only to a point. I would prefer to see some middle ground that connects to the classic jerseys more closely, especially in font.


Having said that, it’s still so nice to see the teal and purple back and I have no doubt the uniforms will play out better on the court, especially when the color scheme is mixed into some Jordan Brand kicks. After all, the details on the jerseys are on point too (just missing those off-color pinstripes, ha!)

In related NBA design revealing news today, the Houston Rockets revealed a sneak peak at their secondary logo below. Weird to see it as ‘HR’ and I’m curious how ‘HOU’ would look in a similar style.



Damian Lillard series-ending buzzer beater vs. Rockets


This shot, was just so unbelievably sweet. As cold as it gets.

And on top of that, as Bill Simmons rattled off, off the top of his head on SportsCenter, this is a rare series-ending walk-off buzzer beater. MJ in ’89 vs. the Cavs. Ralph Sampson vs. the Lakers in ’86. (And one he didn’t mention on air… John Stockton versus… wait for it… the Rockets in ’97). Are there any more? Pretty good company.

Relive the shot of Lillard‘s career and some photos of the fallout below.

The ball boy's new profile pic.
The ball boy’s new profile pic.
Dame Lillard grabs the mic after the win.
Dame Lillard grabs the mic after the win.


The Moda Center reacts

The NBA Phantom Cam

Via @BeyondTheBuzzer
Via @BeyondTheBuzzer

Troy Daniels game-winning 3 vs. Blazers

Troy… Who?!

Troy Daniels, rookie guard, went to school for Shaka Smart at VCU, played a mere… 5 games and 75 minutes all season. That Troy Daniels. The one who, as James Harden said, “saved our season”.

The Rockets and Blazers played their third consecutive memorable game, with this one finally going the Rockets way as Troy Daniels broke the tie with a clutch 3 with less than 10 seconds left.

I was watching the game with the fellas and when Chandler Parsons fouled out, Coach Kevin McHale called on Daniels’ number to substitute. Now, I watch a lot of NBA… I didn’t know who Troy Daniels was. Now I know. Now we all know.

Sure enough, one of my buddies said, “Now watch! He’ll do something amazing!”. Right when he said that, I was rooting for it and when Jeremy Lin delivered a pass to Daniels at the 3 point line, I had my arms already raised. What a thrilling shot, and I couldn’t be more happy about stories like this.

Now, let’s let social media take it away…

Screen shot 2014-04-26 at 1.52.11 AM

Troy Daniels' shot chart from his season in the D-League (note the amount of 3s)
Troy Daniels’ shot chart from his season in the D-League (note the amount of 3s)


The night was too great to let the Bulls W go by without a mention. Post Nene-Butler scuffle, Jimmy Butler shot the ball with confidence, hitting the go-ahead 3 with 24 seconds left as the Bulls tried unsuccessfully to find a way to lose held on for a 3 point victory, and their first of the series. Mike Dunleavy had a career playoff high with 35 points and the Bulls, staying true to their identity, rise as an underdog. Who knows what happens in Game 4, especially if Nene is suspended?