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Shaqtin’ A Fool: Ludacris Edition

Ludacris was a special guest on NBA on TNT and Inside The NBA last night and the guys had a lot of fun with the rapper/actor in studio.

Probably the best part was a special Ludacris edition of Shaqtin’ A Fool — and the best Shaqtin’ moment was definitely the Shaqtin’ Turnover.


Shoutout to the fans who nailed all these Luda puns too. And Luda himself for answering this question correctly…



Nicki Minaj raps on Inside The NBA

Nicki Minaj’s unusual promo outlets continue on this hellacious tour during Pinkprint week. Tonight, she stayed up with the guys on Inside The NBA (sans Charles, who was doing commentary here in Chicago) and after a brief interview, Nicki and the hosts partake in an actual rap cypher.



– Kenny leads it off with a solid written.
– Grant Hill kinda comes off lame on Inside Stuff. Compounding that is rapping off a piece of paper. At least his last line was clever.
– Shaq is a true character. His trembling cheeks do also bring out a rapper he brings up: Biggie.
– Nicki goes hard, in an odd atmosphere to do so, but it plays alright overall. Some one-liners worked on me. Then she spoke in her high-pitched voice right after, which I noted immediately was weird in the stark contrast.
– Oh yeah… this happened.

Here’s the video, ICYMI:

Charles Barkley “Let’s Get Physical”

Gotta give it up to Inside The NBA. Simply put, one of my favorite shows and I’m sad when I miss one. I’m especially happy I didn’t miss tonight’s as the crew put together the instantly catchy new song “Let’s Get Physical” by Charles Barkley.

The backstory: all playoffs long, Inside found some old footage of the first time Ernie Johnson and Barkley interacted on live TV. EJ talked to an oddly shy, soft-spoken Chuck in 1992 when he was a special guest at halftime. The video naturally aged wonderfully and is the newest running joke against Barkley. And that was before the Inside the NBA crew autotuned it and turned it into a remix above. Hah! Enjoy.