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J. Ivy “LITTLE BROTHER” f/ The Last Poets, YAW & Khari Lemuel

J. Ivy is back with a new song/video after his successful book release at the top of the year — Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain — as up above, “LITTLE BROTHER” calls upon Abiodun Oyewole (of The Last Poets), YAW, and Khari Lemuel to deliver a message to all the little brothers out there to stay the right path.

I think for anyone who mentors anyone out there can relate to this one — whether it’s a sister, cousin, or friend. I know that’s one of the greatest joys to give back and help someone given your life experiences, whether younger or older too. That’s why this song resonates beyond the situation depicted above. J. Ivy is gripping as usual from the start and I particularly love his sit-down next to Abiodun Oyewole later on, which brings about joy as well.

Of course, we also notice J. Ivy lookin’ fresh while delivering the message too as he’s rockin’ our exclusive GOWHERE x New Era hat throughout. Salute!

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 3.26.20 PM


J. Ivy “I Need To Write”

I feel like this is for anyone who creatively expresses themselves in any format. For J. Ivy, it’s writing, and it’s reciting.

Here is “I Need To Write” as J speaks to us about his passion and using this tool to express himself, his emotions, and remain at peace. Again, I feel like really anyone can relate. The pieces is delivered on a beautiful sunny day and captured through the lens of Cam Be. This new Camovement is spliced with the written words J. Ivy speaks and it’s a cool effect that only further drives the message home. Job well-done by all parties involved — another new excerpt from J. Ivy’s milestone book release this week, Dear Father: Breaking The Cycle of Pain. Go get that if you’re inspired up above!

An added coolness to this: J. Ivy wants to hear from you. Do you need to write too? Submit your letter to DearFatherLetters.com.

ICYMI: J. Ivy “Dream BIG” (Video)

J. Ivy “Dream BIG”

Here’s J. Ivy embodying what MLK Day is all about.

It’s called “Dream BIG” and it’s a powerful, spoken word piece from his upcoming book, Dear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain, that’s in bookstores and online next Tuesday.

J really breaks it down like only he can, delivering a motivational message that, as you may assume from the title, centers around dreaming big and offering life tips along the way. For one, don’t hate on others’ success because you’ll get yours too. For another… how about the quotable below, extracted from the ending that is my favorite part of the piece. The visual matches and gives me chills as we zoom out on J. Ivy and reflect upon our own personal dreams.

Martin would be proud.

Can’t nobody stop you BUT you. Cause dreams don’t come true, they ARE true.

J. Ivy ‘Dear Father’ (Book Trailer)

If you don’t deal with your emotions, one day your emotions are going to deal with you.

Wise words from J. Ivy as he begins a quick, and powerful, trailer for his upcoming bookDear Father: Breaking the Cycle of Pain.

The book releases next month on January 27th and for any fan of the spoken word poet from over the years, this will be a must-cop and something I can already see will age gracefully on the shelves over the years. Watch above and see if you can relate.

Published by: Beyond Words an Imprint of Atria Books/Simon and Schuster. Directed By: Jamaar J of Superstar Films (Assisted By: Erin Hinton). Music Produced By: Aaron Richardson.