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Ludacris “Ludaversal (Intro)”

Luda’s hellified intro to Ludaversal gets a video. Lookin’ forward to a deeper dive of the album this weekend — you can do so here, available now since Tuesday.

On top of that, be sure to check out this fascinating Grantland piece that features an interview with John Singleton who reveals just how Ja Rule passed up on 2 Fast 2 Furious… which opened the door for Ludacris to be in the franchise ever since. About to go see the 7th in an hour!

ICYMI: Ludacris “What’s Your Fantasy” f/ The Roots on Fallon with a GoPro

Aziz Ansari vs. the meat industry

Aziz Ansari uses his platform as a superstar stand-up comedian to spit some underreported knowledge of the meat industry — namely with cruelty to chickens as they’re producing the eggs we consume. He’ll detail it above… but the hip hop crossover??

Aziz somehow includes Ja Rule throughout. Everything about this is pretty on point.

Enjoy this new clip made public off Aziz’s new standup Live at Madison Square Garden special out now on Netflix. Been meaning to check this out, will definitely do so now.

h/t Mercy for Animals

Ja Rule, Jay Z, & DMX songs exist

There was a time when these 3 graced an iconic XXL cover. In June 1999 to be exact. At various heights of their careers, Ja Rule, Jay Z, and DMX had a short-lived Murder Inc. supergroup. That would have gotten alllll the blogs talkin’ then, could you have imagined? That, as well as the fallout reasoning it never happened. Ja tells MTV:

“We tried to deliver that album. It was a situation where egos all just played a part in its demise. We couldn’t get X and Jay in the same room, from long ago, their storied battle on the pool table, guns out [and] all of that. That carried over into our careers and we were all trying to do our thing separately and it carried over. It was hard to get all of us into a room to do what we needed to do.”

That said… he reveals there are actually songs, recorded and existing.

“We did a few records together and those records will always be classics to a lot of people in the history of hip-hop. I wish that album would’ve came to fruition, it would’ve been real dope. I think there might be one– one or two joints that’s still out there that you haven’t heard…. Gotti got ‘em.”

We definitely gotta get a hold of Gotti, amirite? But that said, wouldn’t these be out already given that any Jay Z association with Ja and/or DMX today would only give them some positive PR? At any rate, I’m not holding my breath, but would certainly welcome the release of these unreleased songs…


Marcus Shadden ‘Popsicle Vol. 3’

Here’s a mix, perfect for your end of summer Labor Day Weekend vibes. Let sun and the summer set with Popsicle Vol. 3 courtesy of our friend and homie Marcus Shadden. He always has a knack for mixing in feel-good oldies but goodies with today’s new sounds and this is no different. Starting with “I’m Real” by J-Lo and Ja Rule, splicing in a 2006 guilty pleasure Nelly Furtado & Timbaland’s “Promiscuous” or the smooth new Disclosure remix of “Frontin'”, and filtering in a dash of hip hop in between, Marcus does his thing here. I especially love the close with PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “East Liberty”, given that first lyric. Enjoy this for the next hour below:

Fun sidenote: At the 30 minute mark or so, I sensed the mix had the vibe of Kiesza’s “Hideaway” and thought to myself, this mix needs this song. Sure enough, at the 39 minute mark…